Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- More wind and Rain and a letter from my MP on the Mesothelioma Bill

I was very tired last night so went to bed at 9.00pm as I had also got pain so wanted all my painkillers to fight it and slept right through. I woke up though with  the pain very naughty in the ribs and took my bra off and went back to sleep.

The Ribs are very sore on the left hand side. But what Im noticing is the ribs are swelling up. The cage is larger than the right side.  But Im comfortable now and Im getting so clever at sleeping on my back but of coarse I snore then so I get a dig now and again from Ray.

The Rain and wind has been active all night again.  Linda in Oxford has had the water rising every day. I can imagine her sitting on her roof by now

Photo: Playground, Botley Park (there is a park bench and two bits of play equipment below the water!)

She has taken some lovely photos she also said Flooding in Oxford where we live appears on the local TV news for the first 3.5 minutes or so of this programme. The underwater park at the end of our street appears at 2.12 minutes into the programme and again at 3.20 minutes. However, we are still dry at home for the time being. Going to bed with torch, candles, matches, wellies, drinking water and mobile just in case we are submerged overnight. I think we will try to get sand bags tomorrow for the front and back doors if water levels are still rising for the next couple of days! Given up hope of saving stuff the garage a few streets away which is already under water. Will treat as an extreme way to de-clutter!

Steve has a hospital appointment today so I hope he does get there as I know the disappointment that cancellations bring.

When she has got through this I will put her blog on here as I think the adventures she has had to live through will make good reading x

I forgot to say what I have been eating but I made a lovely Pizza recipe.

Mini muffin pizzas

It turned out very tasty I used goats cheese though mmmm

Yesterday was the day after the Mesothelioma Bill. Although a disappointment.

The one person who we will always be grateful will be our own Joan of Arc

Yesterday Tracey sought to amend the Mesothelioma Bill before Parliament, which will introduce a scheme to make it easier for mesothelioma sufferers to access compensation. This is an important issue in Medway which is a “hotspot” for the asbestos-related disease and one that Tracey has been outspoken on, supporting improvements to the Bill designed to benefit suffers of mesothelioma further.

  • Firstly, Tracey supported the introduction of a levy on the insurance industry to help ensure research into mesothelioma which at the moment, is poorly understood.


I have just this Minute received a letter from my Local MP.

He has said that he is very sympathetic and that he was pleased the Bill was raised from 70% to 75% of civil Compensation levels announced.

He fully understands we would like that to be more but the Government has made it clear that it needs to be certain that the industry can afford to pay more without passing disproportionate

costs on to the employers, Ministers have argued that the cost to the active insurers which are funding the scheme would be  prohibitive  if the governments were to make the scheme open ended and this would inhibit the ability of the scheme to provide effective compensation for as many people as possible.

Im so pleased my MP Julian Brazier has put his views over to me .

Rays blog


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