Living With Mesothelioma -My Dairy- A wonderful Sun Set tonight.


Starting with evening first this was the sunset tonight seen from our porch steps. Wow factor!! At the base of the tree you can just make out the beginning of the flood that is out there on the Salt Marsh that I have talked about all week.

All our puddles  on the roads have dried up now so it looks like the bad weather has cleared at last.

It was a lovely sunny day again today oh gosh! you feel so much better with the sun shinning.

Ray took Louis out and I was able to do all the tidying up and bed made, he cam back and we had a fight over the hoover, how silly are we but Ray won and so he did the hoovering.

I watched a film after lunch and into the afternoon. Then I suggested we walk around our park. I managed with out my stick but hung on to Rays arm. It was just getting dark and at 5pm the nights are drawing out just a little.

I loved this story today

bird 1

There are a lot of Parakeets flying in the south and at East Kent we have many as they are breeding well and survive our winters.

There are now an estimated 31,000 parakeets in the UK – mostly in and around London and south-east England. And the latest “parakeet census” shows that their numbers are increasing at an average of 23% per year.

We see so many when we are camping and its lovely to see them but they are not friendly to our garden birds.

Another amazing thing today was this true story

cancer test

This story posted by a guy on Reddit really amazed me. Basically he was in his bathroom one day and found his ex girlfriends pregnancy test kit. For a bit of a laugh he decided to pee on it. To his utter shock and surprise, the results came up with 2 lines as per the image below. This as we all know basically means he is pregnant right? Well obviously he is not pregnant but he thought it was really funny anyway.
He took to Reddit where he posted the picture. In the comments someone said “if this is true, you should check yourself for testicular cancer” and that he needed to get to his GP as soon as possible. It was lucky this chain of events happened as when his GP checked him over, it turned out that he had testicular cancer. He was fortunate enough to catch it in the early stages.
So what is going on here? Well the pregnancy test is actually looking for something called Human chorionic gonadotropin HCG . This is produced in the placenta of a woman and is thus a good test of pregnancy. It turns out that HCG is also produced by men who suffer from testicular cancer.

Seems to me they should issue them to men to do such a simple test.

So I have had a good day although the pain up my throat is a worry and Im having a scan in March to check the growth of my Meso again.

This is a normal pain that patients do get and why some find it hard to eat.

I do eat but yes it gets painful doing so but I still have a good appetite and I still have weight on, infact to much so that is a very good sign.

Rays Blog he has gone down memory lane.


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