Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A quieter day almost as we come back to earth

I have been so busy today. I had energy so I sent Ray out and just got on with cleaning and hovering . But that was it so lots of sit downs.

I have changed the bed slowly and had another fight with changing the duvet.

Sat down then put clean sheets on. I love the smell of fresh washed linen.

I sat down on the computer and the emails were many, and the tweets were even more, I was amazed at how my Blog tweet was going from MP to MP that was just lovely to think they were interested in Mesothelioma and little old me.

LInda Reinstein made sure it traveled the world in her blog

Congratulations and thank you to Mavis and Ray Nye for courageously speaking up and out about asbestos and the United Kingdom mesothelioma bill during theBBC 1 Sunday Politics program. During the BBC 1 Sunday Politics interview, —

So many people were congratulating Ray and I. Ray has been asked to write up for an Article about being the career as he had come over so well. When thats done I will share here.

We had lunch and I fancied a walk so we went to Tankerton slope –where else. Louis ran around and then settled down to walking by my side very good as I hobbled along with my stick.

A Lady walked past with her walker shopper with a seat. I said do you get on with it OK and she said have a go. Well it was good but it would mean you have a lot around you for small shops etc. But it was ok she said dont hunch over it walk straight backed and I realised I do hunch up with the stick. I will think about it but it was nice of her to let me try.

We passed this in a garden . It was always in a house on the way to Canterbury and we have passed it so many times but now it is at Tankerton so either the lady moved or maybe died and left it to someone or they stole it ha ha !! But I love them sitting on a bench –so sweet.


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