Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Chasing a Guinea Fowl and Trials and Treatment.

Had a bit of fun today.

Woke up to a deep frost that the sun melted off. Didn’t get to do my house work today Ray got in before I had come off the computer.

I have been asked why I talk about my housework but I said that when I dont means I can no longer do it . Its a sort of gauge to what I can do, what I have the energy for. When there is two of you though it cuts the time down anyway.

I did some lunch and then I wanted to go for a walk. We did the old round walk. The last time I did that I fell over and hit my head and was rushed to the walk in Medical Centre for stitches.

I had my stick today and my special shoes so we went of quiet fast but I  gradually slowed down. Ray is getting problems with his knees, goodness we are a pair. I think he has strained them by walking different with his bad back. I now know why women marry toy boys so when they are old they have someone still young to nurse them in their old age !!!

We got back to the Lane  and crossed over to walk on the grass verge, we passed the RSPA van parked. A man walked into the garden opposite carrying a net –strange and then out of the garden came

Guinea Fowl running with the RSPA man running behind but he couldn’t catch it.












This meant it was in the road and stopping all the traffic. It went into another garden but I saw it come out and cross over the road. So Ray walked up and told the man. he came out but it had come into our  Park. The RSPCA man came back to his car to ride around but I fear he didn’t catch it and I said it will be able to get back to the countryside easy from our park.

Well that was the end of the excitement.

Through Tess asking on FBook about Radiotherapy we have found out a new trial has opened in ST Barts  The TRAP trial

Arginine deprivation is a novel antimetabolite strategy for the treatment of arginine-dependent cancers that exploits differential expression and regulation of key urea cycle enzymes. Several studies have focused on inactivation of argininosuccinate synthetase 1 (ASS1) in a range of malignancies, including melanoma, hepatocellular carcinoma, and mesothelioma. Promoter methylation, in particular, has been identified as a mechanism for loss of the tumor suppressor role of ASS1 leading to tumoral dependence on exogenous arginine. Clinical trials of several arginine depletors are ongoing, including pegylated arginine deiminase (ADI-PEG20, Polaris Group, US) and bioengineered forms of human arginase. The challenge will be to identify tumors sensitive to arginine depletors, and integrate these agents into multimodality drug regimens using predictive biomarkers. Here, we have applied a bioinformatic approach to identify tractable pathways with ADI-PEG20 in the treatment of patients with mesothelioma. Recently, our phase 2 study of ADI-PEG20 in mesothelioma (ADAM) completed accrual and we are now launching a phase I combinatorial trial (TRAP) in the UK based on our bioinformatics studies.

The thing is the tumours have to be dormant so its not for me, again.

I was told at K&Canterbury That I couldn’t have Radiotherepy but Tess has said Jeremy Steele mentioned it so I have emailed him as I owed him a Happy New Year and sent the link to my TV appearance as they are always interested in all I have done in the past. I have finally confessed to them my Gem/Carbo that they recommended didn’t work. That the growth is 2mm in every 3 months so I will wait to see what they say.

Once again its me doing the work to find a hope somewhere.

Radiotherapy uses high energy rays to kill cancer cells. It is not usually used for peritoneal mesothelioma because it causes too many side effects. But you may have a course of intensity modulated radiotherapy treatments after surgery for early mesothelioma in the chest (pleural mesothelioma), to try to stop the cancer coming back. 

In advanced pleural mesothelioma, where surgery is not possible, some people may have radiotherapy. This is to try to slow the cancer down and keep it under control. Radiotherapy may also be used to try to control symptoms in advanced pleural mesothelioma. It can help to control pain.


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