Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary – Rain Again -but a lovely surprise

rain 1

I just cant believe the heavy rain that is falling down and the high winds . Yesterday we had what I thought was a small tornado as it took some cardboard round and round  and dumped them onto the garden.

Last Night I kept chatting to Linda who had flown in at last after a days delay at Guernsey, she finally got to Bassingstoke station just as they stopped the trains because of a tree on the lines. How frustrating. I chatted to her to keep he company as Steve had a 1.5 hour journey to her from Oxford.

Today is another wash out. the winds blow up so  strong and then the Rain really hurts if you are out in it. What makes me laugh that you would thing the car and the M/home would be so clean but they are not, although it is a good idea to wash down the M/home in the rain as it takes all the soap off, I cant convince Ray though !!!

My Son phoned and said he had ticket for Sadler’s Wells –Oh Ballet, Swan Lake , no Bollywood. Oh Great I have always wanted to see a professional dance. So I can tick this of my Bucket list !!

bolleywood 2

Sadler’s Wells Booking

Thank you for booking online. Your booking details are as follows:

The Merchants of Bollywood Peacock Theatre (Holborn, WC2)
nanny mac
Its been a case of sitting around looking out at the rain But I have seen some good telly so Im not that badly off.
I even watch Nanny Mc MacPhee yesterday
 I found it very funny but Ray went tom his computer, bless him.
I have got to share this I put it on my wall in Facebook.
PLEASE SHARE: It could save a mans life!! This story posted by a guy on Reddit really amazed me. Basically he was in his bathroom one day and found his ex girlfriends pregnancy test kit. For a bit of a laugh he decided to pee on it.
PLEASE SHARE: It could save a mans life!!This story posted by a guy on Reddit really amazed me. Basically he was in his bathroom one day and found his ex girlfriends pregnancy test kit. For a bit of a laugh he decided to pee on it. To his utter shock and surprise, the results came up with 2 lines as per the image below. This as we all know basically means he is pregnant right? Well obviously he is not pregnant but he thought it was really funny anyway.
He took to Reddit where he posted the picture. In the comments someone said “if this is true, you should check yourself for testicular cancer” and that he needed to get to his GP as soon as possible. It was lucky this chain of events happened as when his GP checked him over, it turned out that he had testicular cancer. He was fortunate enough to catch it in the early stages.
So what is going on here? Well the pregnancy test is actually looking for something called Human chorionic gonadotropin HCG This is produced in the placenta of a woman and is thus a good test of pregnancy. It turns out that HCG is also produced by men who suffer from testicular cancer.
preg test
bet you didnt know this
Dave Wybrow It is true since the hormone level (Chroionic Gonadotrophin) is raised EITHER by pregnancy (female only of course) or by some forms of testicular cancer – (male only of course), so this is true…..
I don’t think anyone is suggesting this should be the only way of checking – far from it and I doubt that many blokes would even think about doing it….. the key point is self examination and then see the GP and ask for an urgent referral if you are not 100% happy. Some GP’s are not as well versed as others……. In the end the key point is to check oneself and if unsure get professional advice RAPIDLY.
Very good comments

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