Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary – A New Trial starts in UK and guess what it rained again.

This is getting boring but it rained all night again.

I asked Ray last night if he would swap side with me in bed as it easier for me to get up in the night. Gosh I should have kept quiet, I kept waking up with so much pain in my bad lung.

I kept rolling over on my left side and the left lung really didnt like it.  I kept dropping off to sleep and waking up. So I have had to take pain tablets most of the day. It makes me realise my ribs are weaker in the left side as well.

I got up but I felt so much better for being out of bed. I will sleep back on my side tonight.

Chatting on facebook we have a warrior starting a trial at Papworth so we will be watching  with interest’

This trial is looking at a drug called defactinib to treat mesothelioma that started in the sheets of tissue covering the lungs (pleural mesothelioma).

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for doctors to treat pleural mesothelioma. You may havechemotherapy, but researchers are looking for ways to improve treatment. In this trial, they are looking at an experimental drug called defactinib.

Defactinib is a type of biological therapy. It stops signals that mesothelioma cells use to divide and grow.

The trial is comparing defactinib with a dummy drug (placebo). It is for people who have recently had chemotherapy and when they finished this treatment, their mesothelioma had got smaller or stayed the same size.

We wish our fellow warrior all the luck in the world and so hope this works for him as he said  (The bad news is It’s a whacking great lump of meso pressing against my oesophagus)

Each one of us has Meso in different ares of our bodies.

Talking a friend that has just sent some recipes to me, after 53 years married its hard to know what to make for dinner. 19 345 dinners ha ha !!

I went out today to get some fresh air so we went to shop local and buy fruit and salad and carrots. Carrots seem to be a wonder Veg for the vitamins to boost the immune system.

So Im juicing well and eating very healthy.

No wonder I liked going out for a meal for a rest !!!

Found this today which if it really does work it would be good for the summer nights we sit outside in a camp site, cant wait to see if it works .









Plans have been agreed for a major redevelopment of Medway’s A&E, which last year was branded “totally unsuitable” in a NHS report.

The developments will cost up to an estimated £5 million and key sections will be completed in time for winter 2014/2015 when the emergency department is under the greatest demand.

Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham

I was in one our meetings when this was discussed As Medway  Hospital is part of the East Kent Hospital, so its great to see it is going through.

Rays Blog


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