Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A great Article about Asbestos on Ships. More Rain and Winds

Im really fed up like everyone else with the rain. They have at long last put the Marines into Cornwall to help the people in the area.

The prime minister has promised to do “everything possible” to help people affected by the storms that continue to devastate parts of the UK.

South-west England has been worst hit, with many homes still flooded and part of a key railway line destroyed.

Environment Agency chairman Lord Smith is to visit the Somerset Levels on Friday for the first time since the flooding began.

The military are already there to help people living in the badly hit region.

The Ministry of Defense has deployed about 40 Royal Marines from 40 Commando in Taunton to the Somerset Levels to help protect property and people and to provide more military support where necessary I hope this will help the people to get to safety as a huge storm is on its way for the weekend.

It has rained all night long and very windy again so I have been awake early and here it is its Friday again.

I have been asked to meet a Pharmacist to talk about a new drug. I have always wanted the opportunity and here it is handed onto me on a plate . Arrangements are being made to see just how I can help but really I will have many questions myself to understand how it works, how we get drugs passed to get into trials here in the UK.

I have to sort out a time and a place next week so will keep you all informed’

We have been held in for so long now as just when it has stopped raining and not to windy the heavens open up again just as we were going out. It isnt light rain either.

So staying indoors is all we have done. We keep busy working on our computers or reading but I have this overwhelming feeling of wasting time. I know that will go as soon as we have nice days of spring. When the sun will shine and we can move around in the warmth.

An artificial has taken my eye yesterday

As of January 2014, NHS England is sending out a leaflet entitled Better information means better care (2MB PDF) via junk mail. It is not addressed directly to you as a patient and it deliberately doesn’t include an opt-out form. The leaflet says you should “speak to your GP practice” if you want to opt out. This is misleading and could waste your time and potentially waste valuable GP appointments.All you need do is write a letter or download a simple form (link below) instructing your doctor to opt you out, which you can fill in and post or drop into your surgery reception for their attention. Dr Neil Bhatia, a Hampshire GP, has written a leaflet with a tear-off form that you can use for yourself, your children and anyone for whom you hold enduring power of attorney:

I thought at first this was a great idea as my details would all be on the computer and would be easy to bring up and show Consultants in different hospitals but reading this anyone would be able to pull out my info and I wont know who is reading it. ie Cold calling would be able to know to much and Mesothelioma means we are very easy money for Lawyers. People at work could have all their records seen by employers. These things escape into the outside world. I think more work needs to go into this faculty

The letter for you to send is here

Having a snoop about I found this Asbestos on ships
How to manage it safely But this is the best articular I have read for a long while.

It has so much knowledge written in one article I have fond it fascinating. Like

A closer look at chrysotile asbestos contamination
Chrysotile asbestos may be considered less deadly than
crocidolite or amosite but a study published in 2009 on
5,770 workers at chrysotile asbestos plants in North Carolina
still showed a significantly increased risk of asbestos-related
. A similar study in China also demonstrated strong
evidence for increased mortality risks.7

One of the reasons cited for this risk is that chrysotile asbestos
is often contaminated with the more harmful amphibole types
of asbestos. A number of studies have found the lungs of
victims who were expected to have been exposed to chrysotile
asbestos to contain a large proportion of amphiboles such
as tremolite.
In China, ten samples from six mines were tested and all were
found to be contaminated with tremolite although at very
low quantities.8
Another study which tested the lung tissues
of seven dead workers who had worked in a pure chrysotile
asbestos mine showed the fibres in the lungs were 71%
anthophyllite, 9% tremolite and just 10% chrysotile asbestos.
And yet another study of chrysotile asbestos workers showed
34 of 35 fibres were amphiboles.
These latter two studies showed that chrysotile asbestos had
naturally left the workers’ bodies but that the amphibole
contaminants had persisted. These findings are reinforced by
another study which found that chrysotile asbestos fibres tend
to clear from the lungs, with a half life of less than 10 years,
whereas amphiboles do not seem to clear.9

Chrysotile asbestos accounted for over 95% of all asbestos
produced and consumed between 1900 and 200310.

Glass cremation urn

This glass vessel still contains cremated bones and a fragment of woven asbestos: the use of asbestos for shrouds is mentioned by the Roman writer Pliny the Elder (AD 23/4-79).

(Image courtesy of the British Museum.

“One fibre can kill” – evaluating the real risk
The words “one fibre can kill” have appeared
numerous times in relation to asbestos but they are
highly misleading. While it is true that any exposure to
asbestos carries risk, ‘loading’ is highly significant, just
as it is with smoking: in short, the more asbestos you
are exposed to, the more risk you have. It goes on and on a very well written piece and is of great use to understanding Asbestos .


I found this last night about ASIA Leading again -Asbestos) Regulations and take effect from May 1. 2014 Under the new regulations, an expert must be appointed to ascertain if asbestos-containing materials are present before starting demolition or renovation works on buildings built before 1 January 1991.

This is something that we should have in the UK.

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