Living With Mesothelioma -My diary- The wind has been very dangerous today. Still we are asking for people to sign Lord Saatchis Bill

I dont have to tell you that the whole country  is now in turmoil. I have never seen anything like this.  The tTames is flowing over now and the stretch of the Thames at Maidenhead where George Micheal lives along with so many stars is well under water. His house is holding up behind sand bags  Floodwater can be seen lapping at the front door and garden wall of the stunning detached period property.


All the stockbrokers belt in Surrey is flooding so the Army is straight in to help them where the poor people in the west Country have been desperate for help and it is only just getting through to them.

Today Lord Pickles said we are a rich country and we have enough money to help.

Well watch here the rowing goes on.

The Prime Minister called for the country to “unite in a great national effort” to repair the damage from flooding that has brought misery to the south and south-west of England. He added that Britain needed to prepare for the prospect of more frequent flooding.

“Money is no object in this relief effort. Whatever money is needed for, it will be spent,” Mr Cameron said, adding that more Armed Forces personnel could be deployed to join 1,500 already in Somerset and the Thames Valley.

I wish all the talk would stop and just get out there and help the poor people to save their properties. there is time enough after wards to sort everything out and to plan what to do so it doesnt happen again.

We have had a wicked storm today thunder as well. The wind sounded just like a train thundering down on us and hit the home.

So much rain we have a flooded lane again it is running out of the fields like a waterfall.

Then they announce —-

Perhaps hard to believe during the wettest winter in a hundred years, but scientists are 75 per cent certain that 2014 will be the hottest summer on record.
Oh come on are we supposed to believe that ??
Oh stop messing about let us get through this first. and they dare say a hosepipe ban. I  said on my Facebook  If they dare say that I will go to parliament and wrap my hose round the PM neck
We stayed in the warm and carried on decluttering. I think we have gone mad.  The home is so tidy that it is boring. I really should chuck out and not keep just in case items. I say that every time I have a clear out but this time I mean it !!!!
The leg is fine, no pain and above all no itching.
Our Baby Boy is 49 where did those years go.
We are still pushing Lord Saatchi’s Bill please sign if you havent already
I know I keep printing the info but this is really so important to us

Lord Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill (the Saatchi Bill) will help doctors innovate new treatments and cures for cancer and other diseases.

The Medical Innovation Bill will save lives by supporting doctors who want to innovate and find new ways of treating disease.

Doctors, patients and judges will have much greater clarity as to what is negligent and dangerous practice by clinicians and what is careful and sensible innovation.

It will free your doctor to consider new treatments and ideas. But, and more importantly, it will allow the patient to demand innovative treatment.

One of the most famous examples of innovation is when Geoffrey Keynes, a doctor at Barts, refused to do what surgeons across the UK and US were doing with breast cancer – the Halsted method – whereby women with breast cancer faced a double mastectomy, and the removal of all tissue from the shoulder, to the chest wall, to ribs – anything and everything that could be removed without killing the women.  Keynes, alone, removed only the tumour and undertook radiotherapy, in combination. He was ridiculed and humiliated on a world stage. Halsted followers called it a ‘lumpectomy’ as a term of derision. Of course, today, the lumpectomy is standard procedure.

That was innovation.Once passed, a patient, armed with the legislation, will be able to say to his or her doctor: ‘Are you trying everything? Can you do anything differently?’ The doctor will no longer need to say he or she cannot risk trying anything new.

These are the questions I keep asking My Oncologist and I have to keep asking as they cant find anything for me. But with thes Bill through I will be able to demand and new Trials. The risks cant be taken into account Im terminal so like all the warriors we will take that risk.


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