Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- IATP invitation to their Awards Dinner Dance and IATP Newsletter

A amusing video that I have to share, it made me laugh x

I have had a funny day as once again I had a friend say that had another email from me with an attachment. I dont know if it was an old one or someone new has got into my Contacts.

I have changed the password and run 2 new programs, one found objects the new one I downloaded found 523 ekkk

So I thought I was all sealed and happy then I have a bug in my Facebook. It blocked a friend and I had to sort that out but I then found it had blocked a list of friends. Thats a Facebook problem it took ages to sort  that  out. Sometimes you wonder if its all worth it and we should go back to pen and paper.

What a waste of a day.

I did have my new washing machine delivered this morning so its not been all bad.

IATP Events

Love Live Jazz? Kick up your heels at the IATP Great Gatsby Annual Dinner & Awards To make it simple you can book your tickets on line or e-mail or Events Team

Photo: Love Live Jazz? Kick up your heels at the IATP Great Gatsby Annual Dinner & Awards To make it simple you can book your tickets on line  or e-mail or Events Team

The IATP Tribute Tree is now live on the website:











All messages left online will be transferred onto tags and hung on the tree at the Annual Dinner.

“The living owe it to those who no longer can speak to tell their story for them.” -Czesław Miłosz,

Very proud of this award as Liz does so much for our Mesowarriors
“Meso-Warrior Award”
Kindly Sponsored by Award Health & Safety.
Will proudly be presented to: Liz Darlinson.Liz is a Mesothelioma Nurse at Leicester Hospital and is also very heavily involved in Mesothelioma UK, a resource centre dedicated to Mesothelioma. The centre co-ordinates communication and information about everything relevant to mesothelioma throughout the UK. They support any initiative that seeks to improve the life and experiences of mesothelioma patients and their careers.
Liz travels the Uk and the world providing lectures. She also provides constant support to the Mesothelioma Warriors, including helping them to find the latest trials and treatment. Liz works tirelessly for the Mesothelioma Community and was nominated for this award by individuals who suffer from mesothelioma.
We will be delighted that Liz has agreed to accept the award and will be flying back in from the USA on the Saturday morning to attend the Annual Dinner.
How to watch liveYou will be able to watch the hangout on our G+ page or on our You Tube channel

ADAO Newsletter has a vidio of Ray and I included
The Cancer Research has printed new figures of the  Mortality statistics for mesothelioma by country in the UK, age and trends over time are presented here. The ICD code for mesothelioma is ICD-10 C45.

By age

Mesothelioma is strongly related to age, with the highest mortality rates being in older men and women. Mesothelioma is rare under the age of 50 due to the long latency period between initial exposure to asbestos and diagnosis. In the UK between 2009-2011, an average of 47% of mesothelioma deaths were in men and women aged 75 years and over, and 99% were in those aged 50+

Age-specific mortality rates in males rise sharply from around age 55-59, with the highest rates in the oldest age groups. In females the pattern is similar but the rise is much more gradual. Mortality rates are higher for males than females in age groups 50-54 and over, and this gap widens with age, being widest between the ages of 80-84, when the male:female mortality ratio of age-specific rates (to account for different proportions of males to females in each age group)

Please look at the chart as it is very interesting. It wont let me copy it out to here

Tragic doc’s family launch legal action against NHS this has shocked me as you dont think of GPs getting sick do you. You think they should look after you but they need help and to find a hospital has made him sick shocks me. Of all places that shouldn’t have Asbestos  in the building its a hospital. But they do as this proves. Lagging pipes and in Lift Shafts. Can we ever get rid of it all. The job is far to big.!!!!

The family of a Scots doctor killed by lung cancer have launched legal action against the NHS over his death.

They claim Professor Kieran Sweeney, a former top GP who died aged just 58 in 2009, became ill after breathing in dust from asbestos pipe lagging at several Glasgow hospitals, including the Southern General and the Royal Infirmary, in the late 1970s.

The affects of asbestos can take up to 20 years to develop.

It’s the second legal action over the death from lung disease of a former employee NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have faced in the last five years.

In 2009, Prof Sweeney’s former colleague, Dr Audrey Finnegan, settled out of court with them after developing mesothelioma. The mum-of-three who died just six months ago, believed she contracted it by breathing in asbestos dust in Glasgow’s Belvidere Hospital in 1986.

Last night, campaigners warned the NHS could face a tidal wave of claims from former staff who have developed lung diseases from asbestos.

Dr Jean Turner, of Scotland Patients Association, said: “It’s appalling that staff and patients have been exposed to toxic substances that so cruelly shorten lives. The dangers of asbestos were known in the mid 1960s yet little care was given to this.

“I can only imagine other health workers and possibly patients were also exposed. Payouts will be substantial.”

Glasgow-born Professor Sweeney, a dad-of-four, passed away on Christmas Eve, 2009. In a heartbreaking YouTube clip filmed shortly before his death he sobbed: “I am a man devoid of hope.”

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde was fined £6,000 just months ago after workers and patients at Yorkhill Children’s Hospital were potentially exposed to deadly asbestos fibres. The hospital basement plant room was found to contain asbestos in February, 2009.

The Health and Safety Executive revealed that hospital workers and outside contractors had access to the contaminated area.

Earlier this year, Audrey Finnegan died after a four-year battle with mesothelioma. She underwent chemotherapy as well as surgery to remove a lung and spent her son’s 12th birthday recovering in hospital. The former East Kilbride GP was forced to give up her job and became a campaigner for the charity, Clydeside Action on Asbestos (CAA). She passed away leaving her hospital doctor husband Michael, two daughters and son devastated.

She previously said she remembered how she had been exposed to the asbestos. Writing on the CAA’s website she said: “It was very dusty and I remember my footprints leaving their imprint on the flooring.”

At the time she dismissed it because she “couldn’t believe the health board would expose staff to asbestos.”

A spokesman for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said: “NHSGGC is no different to any other organisation responsible for buildings constructed before 1999 when the import, sale and second hand re-use of white asbestos was banned in the UK.

“We fully comply with all the legislative requirements around asbestos surveillance, management and disposal. This legislation does not extend, however, to tracing people who have worked, resided, received treatment or visited these sites.

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