Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A Weekend At The IATP Cheshire at the IATP Annual Dinner, Auction & Awards at the beautiful Cranage Hall. Fabulous evening of dinner, dancing, and fundraising – and lots of fun too!

It has been a fantastic weekend with lovely friends.

We arrived Photo: We are at Cranage Hall for The Great Gatsby.... with Mavis Nye Raymond Nye Yvonne Waterman Stephanie Beaumont IATP Events It really is the Final Countdown

We Parked our Motorhome up in a quiet place ??? By the time the weekend was over the Caravan Club parked with us as they were there to see a demonstration of Fire extinguishers and fire.

They dd the demonstration behind our M/Home !!!!!

It meant that Louis was the only dog there so he had fiends to talk to. He is worn out from a being off lead chasing balls.

We had a very nice evening meal Friday with the people from Holland and Christine and Mark Winter.

Photo: We all had dinner with Mavis Nye and Raymond last night


There was a Wedding on the Saturday Morning so I watched that and gave my best wishes to the bride xx

We rested Saturday afternoon by giving two interviews and arranging another one on the phone. Oh dear all this awareness of Mesothelioma and my cause.

I then got ready to go to the party.


Oh dear I looked like Miss Marples in my 1920’s hat

Ray looked the part

Christine Winter's photo.

His gun had a hole in it so it wouldn’t stay up as it was a plastic blow up one.


Chris Ward presented me with a lovely Bouquet of flowers.


His gorgeous wife was dressed so pretty.


Liz Dawlenson from Mesothelioma UK joined us as I had nominated her to receive the Award I had been so proud to receive and Im even prouder that Liz Recieved it this year.

She so deserves so be recognised for all the work she does for the Meso Community.


Chris presented the award.


Mandy a dear friend came along and had a great time with us all.


The Jazz band played


Liz and I had a good catch up.

Had to say goodbye to my Auction prize. Cuddly Dog was won xx


Photo: Stepping  back to the 1920s

These two have our praise for all the hard work they did so we had a fun night

IATP Events Team.. decedent, talented.. A dynamic pair that pulled off our IATP Annual Dinner, Awards & Auction with panache and style..

Dutch Guests Harry Vonk  with Yvonne Waterman a face book friend -we met at last.

Photo: Our Dutch Guests Harry Vonk &

The Tables looked wonderful


So a good time was had by all. We fell into our bed shattered.

Sunday bought another Interview in the Sunday Express.


We had a really good journey, that is 580 miles we travelled on a round trip. Not one traffic jam.Not one accident just a really pleasant ride.

I have just received the message ——- Look what they mentioned today in a lecture on carcinogens! More people have heard about it than I thought, probably down to people like you campaigning! Like to think that we are all able to speak about Asbestos and get the message around that it kills and we need it banned but really pleased the young generation are now hearing Lectures on the danger.

Steve Wride is still doing well on A trial that started recruiting

16/12/2011  and will End 30/09/2014

  • Cambridge
  • Manchester
  • Oxford

Steve was the first person in the current drug trial cohort to have the higher dose of vandetanib.  Based on his experience alone, increasing the dose runs the risk of patients having heart problems.  It remains to be seen whether the other five patients in the cohort can tolerate the higher dose or, like Steve (whose natural “QT” interval is longer than average), experience problems which pose an unacceptable risk.


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