Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary – Lordswood lost its fight so Asbestos storing will be right by them Lord Saatchi Meet the Lawyers today

Washing and ironing all done from the weekend, house spic and span so life is going on again as another great weekend is behind us.

Everyone is worried about the Plane that is lost and nothing found. their mobiles work all very strange I hope it is sorted soon for the sake of their loved ones.

I have had to sort so many emails today. I did look at them while I was away but not all the time so I have answered them all.

One is leading me to doing a talk with University Students as they are studying Mesothelioma law and they need a case study. I would love to accept that. I have to wait while they sort it.

I have had the news that Lordswood residents have lost their case for a ban on the Firm that wants to set up a  Asbestos Waste diposal.

An area of Lordswood is set to be a dumping ground for asbestos.

It has been reported the Planning Inspectorate has upheld an appeal to build an asbestos transfer station, near a school and playground, in North Dane Way.

Last year, people flocked to the area in protest of the plans put forward by Medway firm Asbestos First, and the application was turned down by councillors.

One year ago, Chatham MP Tracey Crouch with protesters against a planned asbestos transfer station in North Dane Way, Lordswood.
One year ago, Chatham MP Tracey Crouch with protesters against a planned asbestos transfer station in North Dane Way, Lordswood 

The refusal came after the council received 338 letters, 454 postcards and six petitions opposing the build.

But the firm’s owners Debbie and David Hales appealed the decision with government planning inspectors and it has been upheld.

Labour PPC for Chatham Tristan Osborne said today: “I am very disappointed.

“The independent campaign that was backed on a cross-party basis collected hundreds of signatures and dozens of objections. It remains the belief of the large majority of the community that this transfer station is not suited to this residential location.

“Whilst this decision has been made in consultation with lawyers I think the community will feel let down that there wishes have been rode roughshod over.”

But Mr and Mrs Hales insist the site, which will accept up to 70 tonnes a week of waste asbestos, would benefit the community because there are so few places to dispose of the cancer-causing building material.

At the time the appeal was lodged, Mrs Hales said: “It has got to be done. It is a necessary evil. Without guys like mine who make the stuff safe, where does it go?”
The material is to be double-bagged and stored in locked skips at the former gritting depot before being moved to larger tips elsewhere.

For the full story and reaction, see Friday’s Medway Messenger.

Everyone is very disappointed as fires have been lit in rubbish bins by youngsters that hang around in the area at night. An accident waiting to happen.

Ray had a great time looking for my phone. We rang it and it was switched off. He hunted the motorhome out it wasnt there, I said I remember loading it into the M/Home but cant remember using it as I had my Tablet with me.

He went down again and found it wrapped up in the dogs chews. Had Louis been using it to talk to his Girl friends.

Photo: BROADCASTING NOW: Post-surgical Recovery with Drs. De Perrot, Miller, Pingpank, Jr.

What a wonderful Conference Building  Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation held their Symposium  in

The 2014 Meso Foundation’s International Symposium on Malignant Mesothelioma began yesterday in Washington, DC. Yesterday, attendees spent the day on Capitol Hill advocating for federal involvement in mesothelioma research.

Today, March 6, attendees have been listening to a variety of speakers and have been learning about topics such as cancer stem cells, pleural and peritoneal mesothelioma, novel therapeutics, chemotherapy, early detection, etc…

A few Myths was listed on an article and Im so Amazed at the US Do they really think more of Dollars than the safety of people????


REALITY: Shockingly, most existing uses of asbestos are still permitted. While the EPA did ban use of the substance outright in 1989, asbestos companies successfully lobbied the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn that ban in 1991. A limited number of items are still prohibited (e.g. spray applications), and new applications of asbestos are not allowed. The United States is the only major industrialized nation that has not banned asbestos.

The list of items still being manufactured with asbestos is long. It includes certain automobile clutches and brakes, vinyl floor tiles, roofing shingles, some fabrics, and many other items. According to the US Geological Survey Mineral Yearbook, asbestos use actually increased from 2010 to 2011, with roofing applications accounting for 41% of domestic use.

The Saatchi Bill —The #SaatchiBill is currently in the public consultation phase. In both the drafting of the Bill and throughout the on-going consultation we continue to actively seek advice and expert opinion from across the medical and legal fields. As well as listening to the views of patients.

We have received huge support for the Bill and the consultation process from, for example Doctors and Professors at Oxford University Medical School. And charities like Cancer 52, Cancer Research UK and Macmillan have expressed their support for the Bill consultation process. We are very grateful for their input and insight.

We are not, however, able to make private comments and feedback on the Bill process public without prior permission. As and when we receive those permissions we will make them publicly available.

We encourage everybody to respond to the Bill consultation and we look forward to hearing your views.                  Rays blog


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