Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Spring has Sprung. Lots of info on the Saatchi Bill


Spring has sprung it has been a wonderful day.

We took the dog out in the sun and we are all hoping this weather will last. Easter isnt far away so wouldnt it be nice to have a warm sunny one.

We walked around the Business Park at Sturry and then Ray went into Comets and bought a  decent kettle

Talk about show off –the kettle lights up blue £34-99 and that was in a sale. The prices of everything is going sky high.

There was a kettle for £107 down from £119 -It does a few tricks but not a lot to warrant being over £100.

Popped into Marks and Sparks and bought some nice food for my Vegetarian diet. Prawns I do allow and fish but pasta and noodles with sauces.

The Latest on the Saatchi Bill is The #SaatchiBill is currently in the public consultation phase. In both the drafting of the Bill and throughout the on-going consultation we continue to actively seek advice and expert opinion from across the medical and legal fields. As well as listening to the views of patients.

We have received huge support for the Bill and the consultation process from, for example Doctors and Professors at Oxford University Medical School. And charities like Cancer 52, Cancer Research UK and Macmillan have expressed their support for the Bill consultation process. We are very grateful for their input and insight.

We are not, however, able to make private comments and feedback on the Bill process public without prior permission. As and when we receive those permissions we will make them publicly available.

We encourage everybody to respond to the Bill consultation and we look forward to hearing your views.

The Medical world is backing the Bill its hotting up lovely Lord Saatchi has Twittered–Saatchi Bill ———Really productive meeting today with some of the best legal minds in the UK. Thank you for coming along and for your time and expertise.—–

Department of Health Medical Innovation Bill events

The Department of Health are hosting public consultation events in Leeds, Cardiff and London.

The Department of Health say:

The Department of Health on behalf of HM Government is proposing to clarify the law in certain circumstances in order to encourage responsible medical innovation.

Medical innovation has been vital to the dramatic rise in life expectancy of the last century. This country has a proud heritage of medical innovation from Alexander Fleming and the discovery of penicillin to Sir Peter Mansfield’s enabling of magnetic resonance imaging.

However, where doctors are innovating outside of a research study, one of the barriers to improved treatment is the possibility of medical negligence claims and the pressure this can place on doctors to practice defensive medicine.

Consequently, instead of becoming the latest medical pioneers, doctors may feel obliged to follow standard treatments, even where those standard treatments have poor outcomes.

The Government is committed to doing whatever is needed to remove barriers that prevent innovation which can save and improve lives.

We must create a climate where clinical pioneers have the freedom to make breakthroughs in treatment.

It is important to be clear that we are not suggesting that doctors are concerned about the possibility of a negligence claim in relation to all the treatment decisions they take.

However, where there is insufficient or no evidence about the effects of a treatment, a doctor may hesitate to offer it.

We are keen to hear views, especially from doctors, on whether medical innovation is being unduly constrained by the possibility of litigation where there is insufficient or no evidence about the effects of a treatment that might otherwise be offered.

We also want to hear from patients whose experience suggests that the possibility of litigation has been a factor in their doctor’s attitude to possible innovation.

This event is an opportunity for those with an interest to join us to discuss the issues in order to inform the formal consultation process. Click here to view the online consultation.

If you are unable to attend this event, you may prefer to attend the following alternative events around the country:

The dates are as follows:

18th March 2014

2nd April 2014
13.30 – 17:00

10th April 2014

Please note these events are organised by the Department of Health.

Prof Angus Dalgleish Professor of Oncology at the University of London and Principal of the Cancer Vaccine Institute

I completely support this bill having recommended logical treatments to cancer patients who have run out of standard options. Patients have asked me whether other treatments would be worth trying. They then often report that in spite of a logical request, local doctors are frightened to prescribe off label [prescribing drugs designed for one cancer on another form of cancer] for fear of falling foul of management or getting reported to the GMC.

“Readers should be aware that in the US, 80% of cancer drugs are prescribed off label. I have seen on many occasions when patients with no other options left, have benefited dramatically from using such drugs off label, and note at low doses the toxicity or harmful effects are minimal.

“One example was a 63 year old man with metastatic prostate cancer who had severe disease throughout his body. He had had all the normal hormone therapies available as well as chemotherapy.

“He was keen to try anything at all and we agreed that he try a drug licensed at a high dose for another condition which I had become aware was very anti inflammatory and immune stimulating at low non-toxic doses.

“Even though his other doctors thought he was terminal, he had a marked clinical response with a marked drop in his PSA levels and survived for 3 years dying not from his disease but due to the indirect chronic effects of his previous therapies. The drug was completely side-effect free.”

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