The Mesothelioma Bill in draft form

Well here is the Mesothelioma Bill in a Draft Legislation:This is a draft item of legislation and has not yet been made as a UK Statutory Instrument.  So please click on each link

This so Important as this is the Draft

    1. Introductory Text


  1. 2.Commencement and ceasing to have effect
  2. 3.Interpretation
  3. 4.Establishment of the scheme
  4. Scheme administrator
    1. 5.General duties of the scheme administrator
  5. Eligibility
    1. 6.First diagnosis of diffuse mesothelioma and specified payments
    2. 7.Circumstances in which a person is to be treated as unable to bring an action
  6. Applications and procedure
    1. 8.The application
    2. 9.Time limit for making an application
    3. 10.Power of scheme administrator to obtain additional documents or evidence
    4. 11.Request to applicants to provide additional documents or evidence
    5. 12.Duty of applicants
    6. 13.Request to third parties to provide documents
    7. 14.Withdrawal of an application by person with diffuse mesothelioma
    8. 15.Notice for a person to cease to be an eligible dependant
  7. Determination of applications
    1. 16.Determination of applications
    2. 17.Imposing conditions on the making of a payment
    3. 18.Notice of a determination
  8. Payments
    1. 19.Payment
    2. 20.Circumstances in which a person may be required to repay
  9. Reviews and appeals
    1. 21.Review at the request of an applicant
    2. 22.Review initiated by the scheme administrator
    3. 23.Other circumstances in which a review may be held
    4. 24.Conduct of the review
    5. 25.Appeal
  10. Scheme administrator’s functions to help people bring proceedings
    1. 26.Circumstances in which scheme administrator may help people to bring proceedings
  11. Review of these Regulations
    1. 27.Review of these Regulations by the Secretary of State
  12. Signature
    1. Expand +SCHEDULE 1

      First diagnosis of diffuse mesothelioma

    2. Expand +SCHEDULE 2

      Specified Payments

    3. Expand +SCHEDULE 3

      Information and other material in support of an application

    4. SCHEDULE 4

      Amount of Scheme Payments

  14. Explanatory Note



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