Living Withe Mesothelioma -My Diary- Shopping Writing and Saatchi Bill has reached 11,000 but we want more. Lets show the Government that people power can make history

Yesterday was another childhood sunny day. We seemed to always have summer like this when I was a child. Alway sunny and off to the beach to camp with my school friends. My Dad had a friend in the Dockyard and we went to camp with them at Mister in the Isle of Sheppey.

It was after the war when you could by ex military stock. Well he had bought an Army tent. Huge and they had proper beds in there. It fascinated me.

We enjoyed going shopping yesterday as I wanted to go to Lidl’s as Ray wanted to go to Canterbury to buy a new telly. Once on thing goes everything seems to go The washing machine , my monitor, and now a small telly we have in the den here so I can keep up with my soaps when on the computer each evening.

Well I haven’t been to Lidl’s for sometime, and I loved it. Shopping was really cheaper and also I love buying and trying things I have never had before. Of coarse I love the feeling of Spain, as that is just how all the shops a laid out .

So we came home with as much as I get in Tesco’s but over £20.00 cheaper. Im a happy bunny. Funny how little things can please.

I had a phone call from Take a Break Special this is the summer issue and I have been working with them as they are writing my story in a way it hasn’t been written before. The story was re read to me and Im very pleased with it. So it is a wrap as they say. I have to send a couple more photos today and then its all ready for print.

I also have a email from Mesothelioma Uk to write a piece so I will knuckle down this weekend and write that.

So its all busy. It never stops but I don’t mind.

Well it was tuesday and the Saatchi Bill question and  Answer was on Facebook it was very hard keeping up with the questions but I did get a few asked and answered mainly by Doctor Chan.

One very amazing point we  learnt  is that if you have peritoneal  he said —Paul Sugarbaker is excellent, but Brendan Moran in Basingstoke (Pelican Centre) does the same thing in the UK, as Paul (he trained with Paul in the USA). This is to take the linings from organs ad then hot Chemo –we didn’t know that and our Jan had hunted everywhere for info on her Op as everything was going wrong for her and she died. The sooner we get a central Bank of info the better. We need to know where all the treatments are.

Also that everyone can have a Phase one trial it has nothing to do with how many Chemos you have had previously. They are only done in large hospitals because they generate loads of paper work. and I can see that point.

So we had a great hour and it wasm good to hear that 10’000 votes was good enough to get the Bill passed but they now want to see as many as possible and it will be a great victory.

So please sign the petition and play a part in history and also email to as many as possible lets show the Government that people power makes changes.

Coming to Easter and Decorating -be aware of old Artex old floor tiles lino cornices plaster mouldings pipe lagging old wall boards all could have Asbestos. So Take Five

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