Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- Peterborough Motorhome Show.

Motorhomes Show View

We enjoyed a good journey to the show yesterday arriving here in Peterborough1.30. Joining a long line of M/Homes.

Parked up right by the stalls, we couldn’t be in a better place. Unloading the solar panel and putting up the thermal window covers. Finding the fresh water tap. We were all set up cosy. Jim who runs Motorhome fun met us an made sure we were all ok. We have a nice Marque to meet everyone in the evening which we did and met up with my group of friends that we met on these rallies. Its funny how you group up together. People  that we talk every day with on our camping groups. So we are have a mini Maverick met as well. All good fun. We are meeting up tonight again just for a chat as tomorrow is the main day of coffee morning afternoon tea (buffet) running into the late  night. Sunday is a Breakfast meet and then all meet up to go to a show of The Beach boys ad the Q band.

It has rained today on and off but we were able to walk around the show with Louis and he was so good walking past so many dogs. We campers all seem to have dogs. I must say that owners are so good picking up the mess though as you never see any.

I walked with my shopping buggy again and it was so good in helping me to walk further again although I was tired by the time I got back to the M/H.

Ray had gone in to get a piece of cheese hmm, at £15-00 for a tub wasn’t on though. Things are always so much dearer at the shows but this was taking the mick.

I did have a nap and then I had a phone call to do another interview for the Bloomsburg  Financial paper. That was a surprise and they wanted my thoughts on all the new trials being used on Mesothelioma instead if a true Meso trial. Well! this is Lord Saatchi’s idea and just why he is fighting to have the Bill passed. I was well pleased to discuss my thoughts for the British Lung Foundation. It was type up and read back to me. In the mean time

Ray went off on his own to look at the show and see if there was anything he would want to buy. It wasn’t fruitful he really doesn’t know how to spend money on him self. I had told him to get T shirts for the summer. No! nothing.

I had tidied up in here as I love cleaning all the woodwork and bathroom as it is all so cute and easy to clean.

Louis has had a good sleep as he came back all muddy and wet from the rain.

He loves the warm towel over him.

So we are just relaxing now and I will cook dinner the meet our friends tonight .







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