Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A hot Weekend Away brill — and my Research Professor told my Doctor Im a lovely Lady –Blush !!!!!!!

We have had a lovely weekend away and didnt we do well with the Sun as it shone and shone.

We have taken photos so I will use them as my story.

First of all it was mayhem as we left here Thursday as a Home was on fire and we had to pull out of the Car Park with all the fire engine’s and the smoke it was just chaos.Kent Fire and Rescue crews were called out to a mobile home park in Seasalter

FIRE crews were called to a blaze at a mobile home park near Seasalter at lunchtime. The alarm was raised at 12.25pm this afternoon to reports of a mobile home alight in Applegarth Park.Three crews are using hose reel jets to tackle the flames and a positive pressure ventilation fan to remove smoke from the property.

We did stay Thursday night at Canterbury Park and Ride but ended up helping a poor german who couldnt make out why the gates were locked at 9.30 when he tried to get in. They do this to keep the people safe that are staying overnight and also because they are shut after the last bus  from Canterbury 7.30 arrives in.  Then don’t lock the gates until the London bus comes in at 9 but he was to late. We settled him outside the gates where there is a little pull in and they were happy again. You can stay in the Pub car park or on the Paved area but the paved area is for the School buses so you must move before they arrive. There are 2 other lay bys but try telling peo

ple that cannot speak a word of English. Maybe I should write it on a bit of cardboard drawing pictures as i stay up there a lot.





Friday we travelled to Sandwich Lakes. We set up at the top of the field so Louis was Ok in the van while we sat with other people in a circle and talked of all the news and just laugh and joke like campers do and say hello as people arrived one by one.








The were fishermen all around the lakes so many lakes we just never knew they were there.




































Our Chairman Brian –this is the way we always see him sitting down and laid back. he is so laid back now he is retired as a fireman bless him










Me with some of the campers.











Coffee Morning































Lous has come home tired and worn out with all the walks ray gave him and I did manage 3 with them. It was just nice walking and watching the fish jump as they are mating now and in the warm it was worse.

He really needs a hair cut in this heat we must arrange that.

I have come back home and on the mat was a letter from the Royal Marsden. Oh no !!! they have cancelled my appointment. I thought bit I was wrong. It is a copy of a letter from Professor Johann Sebastian De Bono to my Doctors and he starts it -I reviewed this lovely lady with mesothelioma at our Phase 1 clinic today (2nd of May) She is an excellent Phase 1 trial candidate.

Is that just music to my ears and how sweet of him to call me lovely.

Oh the confidence I have in him gets better xx

So we are back to the Marsden on Wednesday

I had said to Ray I need to sit in the field on a hot sunny day and relax before I start the trial and thats just what I have done. So now for the next step of my life

Rays Blog —he has wriiten a long one so pleased he had fun as well xx






2 thoughts on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A hot Weekend Away brill — and my Research Professor told my Doctor Im a lovely Lady –Blush !!!!!!!

  1. Hello Mavis, I wondered how your clinical trial was going. My mum was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma in 2012 she had chemotherapy which did shrink the disease and from then she went for regular checks. At the end of last year she was told the disease had increased and in January started another course of chemo however the chemo did not seem to be working and she was put on a different type however she had reactions to the chemo and eventually started another chemo treatment 4 weeks ago having it once a week. However in the past couple of months the disease has spread and she has peritoneal mesothelioma also. She is having her abdomen drained tomorrow and will have a scan in a couple of weeks to see if the latest treatment has done anything. I don’t really know what I am asking of you, just read that you have been living with mesothelioma for 5 years now and that you are undergoing a clinical trial and thought you must be doing something right. Hope you don’t mind. Regards Emma

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