Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary – A visit to Hole Park. A friends book is published raising money for Mesothelioma UK

A bank Holiday has past and the weather changed to wet. What a shame so many families were out and about trying to skip the rain.

I had cancelled going to Hamble as I had the appointment for Marsden and then the Marsden cancelled their appointment. So we just went local to the Camping and Caravan Club rally at Hole Park Rolvenden.

That was an easy journey for Ray who soon has to keep driving to the Royal Marsden  every week.

We arrived to a field full of Caravans and Motorhomes in three fields so it is a very popular site where you can hold more than one group.

The weather was good and we sat in a circle of members chatting and keeping up with each others news.

Saturday was really hot so living out doors was easy.

We walked Louis in lovely countryside with the sheep all bleating away

Sunday as we got up and set off for a walk with Louis a 4×4 drew up and the owner of Hole Park had a chat with us. He was so nice and friendly. He said how he and his wife run it all. His wife does all the cooking. He has a black Labrador that walks all over the grounds, what a lovely life for a dog and so much to walk through. he visited the children who then walked him around it looked like the Piper of Hamelin. so funny.














He is so proud of his family home. It is the Barnham family who have owned the house for 4 Generations.

 Tucked away in the Weald of Kent, between the pretty village of Rolvenden and the charming town of

    Cranbrook, (www.cranbrook.orglies Hole Park Gardens which has to be one of the best gardens in Kent.

    An attractively laid out, privately owned 15 acre garden, Hole Park is often referred to as a hidden gem, and

    there are plenty of treasures to be found within its walls and hedges.

    Hole Park has been owned by the Barham family for the past four generations and is set in over 200 acres of
superb classic parkland. The colourful gardens enjoy far reaching views over the hills, woods and fields of the
picturesque Kentish Weald. They are a skilful mix of formal design and more
 naturalised planting, giving colour
throughout the seasons.

The house, which is a private family home and therefore not open, was largely reconstructed in 1959 and is now
little more than a quarter of its previous size. It resembles the house as it used to be before additions in the
Elizabethan style were built in 1830.

The Gardens are so pretty although because spring was early we have missed the best of the Rhododendrons which was a shame. but there was still plenty to see.

hole park



The Coach House gives an idea of how large the original house was.


The smaller house is a replica of the very grand house that stood on the land. Maybe this is a great idea for all our old houses to follow as the crumble and are so expensive to repair.



Saturday night the heavens opened and the rain beat down, when we woke up though it was still a lovely day and our family called in to see us which was great.

It seemed central for a lot of families as they arrived to see their Mums and Dads.

Monday we woke up to a cloudy day so we decided to come home and so pleased we did as in the afternoon and just after we got indoors it threw it down again. So we snuggled in.

I found I couldn’t eat my dinner I was so tired. I really must stop cooking so much and do smaller dinners for myself. More like light lunches. A little and often is the rule now as my Meso is progressing.

Please Royal Marsden tell me my Bi-Op is good for go. I cant wait for the 4th of June to find out Im so screwed up inside.

Rays blog

I have had this lovely message from a friend —-Dear Mavis.
My father-in-law passed away last May from mesothelioma. He had worked in the petro-chemical industry for thirty years where he was exposed to asbestos.
My mother-in-law died of lung cancer back in 1990. Neither of them smoked. I wonder now whether she too suffered as a result of washing his clothes? We will never know.
The reason i write is to try and enlist your support. I admire what you are doing and feel it’s vital we raise awareness of this condition and the hazzards of asbestos.
I am a lecturer and have written several novels. One of which, Eden Relics is available as a Kindle download or as a paperback. I am donating all author royalties to Mesothelioma charities – for the rest of my life anyway.
I have donated some funds to Mesothelioma UK and have set up a Just Giving page for another worthy charity.
I’d be grateful if you could bring it to the attention of your groups.
Best wishes,

Eden Relics (A Zac Woods novel #1)


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