Living With Mesothelioma -My diary- Still no news of the Saatchi Bill – A doctor has died of Mesothelioma and a Mesowarrior is asked for her comments

Yesterday was a very normal damp day. Summer ???
I had a busy time on my Computer in the morning some days are like that as help is needed by warriors and I have to research for answers to problems but we get there in the end.
I love researching as I find new knowledge for my self as well. We are always looking at new trials and drugs as the Saatchi Bill will soon be in but at the moment it has gone quiet so it must be very time consuming getting the Law right and rewriting the Bill.
I closed the Den and had lunch as we had decided to go shopping and fill the freezers up so that we dont have to worry next week. The Royal Marsden is getting closer again. They should have my results in 2 days time and be deciding if Im in the trial I want or at least what trial Im suitable for.
I did the washing and the fur seat covers for the Motorhome but I had left a plastic bag in there so when it was all finished spinning the bag held water and the cover was soaked. I thought I would clean out the filter and got the hand book and was following instructions. It said put a cloth down to catch the excess water. Ha ha !!! not good. A gallon of water shot out.
I had to mop it all up. The machine had to be pulled out and I kept telling Ray let me do it but no he had to do it. Crack went his back. Guess what it has cured his pain in his back and he could stand upright. Well that was a surprise. I moped all the water up and we pushed the machine back. I was able to spin the cover dry.
There is another report of a Doctor’s death in the papers and Beccy was invited to share her thoughts by the Oxford news.
Beccy is a Mesowarrior having lost her father to the disease last year. We first met in 9th May 2013 and her father passed away so quickly with Beccy fighting hard for his treatment.She said in May last year –  Yeah he is doing well, he’s got a bit of a cold at the minute so he’s feeling a bit rough, but other than that he’s been good, how is yours, are you well xxBy the September Beccy messaged me —doc came round & told me she’s been watching dad closely & thinks he’s deteriorating rapidly, she said she thinks that it won’t be long after we get home Monday, even tho I know things aren’t good, me & my sister just can’t seem to accept it  feel so emotionally & physically drained xxxIt shows you how fast the disease goes at the end.Now she is talking in interviews that is so brave of her. I admire her courage and her Awareness of asbestos and Mesothelioma

A DOCTOR from Wallingford died after years of exposure to asbestos when he was a medical student, a court heard.

Oxford Mail: Andrew LawsonAndrew Lawson

Andrew Lawson, 55, who died from the cancer mesothelioma in February, contracted the disease as a consequence of training at Guy’s Hospital, London, from 1976 to 1982.

Oxfordshire assistant coroner Peter Clark ruled yesterday that the father-of-three died of the industrial disease.

Dr Lawson’s wife, Juliet Lawson, 53, who is also a doctor, said in a statement: “Andrew could not think of any significant source of asbestos … except for the underground tunnels at Guy’s.”

She said that after her husband, who lived at Thame Road, Wallingford, was diagnosed with the inoperable disease in 2007, he was contacted by a professor who had also worked at the hospital and had contracted mesothelioma.

A statement made by Dr Lawson before his death was read out as evidence at Oxfordshire Coroner’s Court.

He said he was exposed to asbestos-coated steam pipes in underground tunnels that connected the medical school and the hospital.

He added: “There were always people doing repairs.

“Typically, I would make three or four return trips each day.”

Dr Lawson reached an out-of-court settlement with the hospital and medical school in 2009, which included a confidentiality clause.

His solicitor, Andrew Morgan, told the Oxford Mail: “Dr Lawson is one of a number of tragic cases for mesothelioma we have brought on behalf of former medical and dental students. But we know there are other cases across the country.”

Calls have been made for more research into the issue.

Rebecca Lewington, 31, whose father Larrie Lewington died from mesothelioma last October, after being exposed to asbestos while working for Witney-based Kidlington Insulation in the 1970s, said: “It’s a horrible disease from which there’s no coming back.”

Miss Lewington, who lives in Eynsham, added: “There’s got to be more research being put into this, especially considering this is a man-made disease. These people didn’t need to die.”

A spokeswoman for Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital said: “We didn’t accept liability at the time the claim was made. We are very sorry to hear that Dr Lawson has died, and extend our condolences to his family.

“The asbestos in the basement area concerned was removed in the 1990s.”

After being diagnosed, Mr Lawson was forced to retire at the age of 48 from his job as a consultant in anaesthesia and pain management at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading.

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One thought on “Living With Mesothelioma -My diary- Still no news of the Saatchi Bill – A doctor has died of Mesothelioma and a Mesowarrior is asked for her comments

  1. I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and think that you are a very amazing lady. My husband died on Boxing Day 2012 of this terrible disease Mesothelioma, which was caused by working for ICI in the early 60s, when John was employed as a youth trainee for management. In those days the trainees were given all manner of tasks to undertake, one being sweeping the factory floors after the laggers had removed the old asbestos from the pipes and installed new. John was a very company man and proud to be part of the ICI team and worked for them for 42 years.. after reluctantly retiring at 62 and being a very keen sportsman he played golf almost every day until he reached 67 when he started to feel unwell and breathless when walking. It took our local hospital almost 4 months before they were able to diagnose Mesothelioma, by which time John had started to be unable to walk very far. The most frustrating thing was that no-one seemed to know of any way that could help John feel more better or comfortable..he was given morphine, steroids and pills for breast cancer(Megace), told that chemo would not do any good and usually dismissed after hospital appointments with “see you in another 4 weeks” I tried to research as much as I could and found that turmeric could help with some cancers and we tried this although I am not sure whether it did help. We also looked into having pure vitamin injections but had to wait for consent with a doctor to have a special Hickmans Line inserted into Johns shoulder to enable the vitamins to slowly enter his system. Unfortunately John died before this came to fruition. Now almost 18 months since his death I am so pleased to see that some progress has been made and am following your blog with keen interest. I wish you so much success and hope that the trials will help. Keep strong and I will follow your progress and with great feeling for you. Kind regards …..Margaret Woolhouse.

    Date: Thu, 29 May 2014 07:09:09 +0000 To:

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