Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- I now have all the dates in my diary for the Trial MK-3475- let the fun begin.

Yesterday turned out to be a really good day.

Im not sleeping very well as I have so much going on in my head. Im at a cross roads where my Meso is concerned with the unknown in front of me.

I dont feel brave as I go into a trial as so many thoughts swirl around my brain. To do nothing isnt me and as I told a neighbour yesterday, I feel so strong inside, through the core of me. I have to keep fighting so I know Im doing well by going into this trial.

My legs are definitely getting stronger so having a walker might have made me feel so old, it has really strengthened my muscles bit by bit that I can walk without the stick when Im with Ray but Louis gets very nervous still as he trots by the side of me. he must really remember what it was like to have me standing by the side of him one minute and looking at him ground level the next, eye to eye.

We went to buy a case with handles to pull up so that the wheels take the strain of the weight.

I thought I was having to stay in when the drug was given and also we are going to Manchester To the Oncology Forum where I have to give a talk to the Medical world.

We set off to Sturry but up the lane a Caravan was coming down –A tugger with no sense. He had just left the Caravan Park and should have turned right but no he turned left. All the traffic had to back down the lane in front of us as the tugger wasnt going to back back.

I got Ray to back into the Church car Park, which was conveniently at our disposal. Jumping out i was able to help 2 more cars to come in with us. I was roaring with laughter as I looked like one of the Air Stewardess’s, with my arms waving instructions

Ray told the Tugger that it was 6ft 6in only but the driver said he wasn’t that but no he was a silly man that had put a whole row of cars out.Then low and behold a dust cart came through that was in the Queue Behind him. Crazy!!!

At last we got on our way to Sturry.

I loved the cases they had that had a picture of a VW camper on them. They were the same price as a larger case but I loved the novelty.

Campers Suitcase

I reluctantly bought the larger cheaper one.

We came back home and the phone went.

Helen from the Royal Marsden wanted to book my appointments for the Trial Drug.

So Im going to the Royal Marsden this wednesday 4th June to talk to the Team and they want to answer all my questions.

Then June 12th I go again for a scan and screening.

With the Dug trial starting on 16th June and then every other week from then on.

I haven’t got to stay in over night if I don’t mind coming home late on that day, as they have used the drug already on other cancers ie skin cancer, so they know the toxicity of the drug but now they will see what it is like with Mesothelioma.Seems everyone is excited.

I was well pleased as now it is all settled and I know just what Im doing. It doesn’t interfere with my Camping life so Wow! it all looks good.

I have told Ray there is one thing– if I have to worry about only having got 1 kidney, if the drug can harm the kidney, Im willing to take the chance, as Its damned if I do and damned if I dont. I have no other choice really.

This Kidney has become so strong as I have lived my life on one kidney.

I know it will see me through as I have thrown all the chemos at it and it is still working.

Ronnie took the chance bless her and now I to have to.

So let the trial begin —-

This Trial MK-3475 is a drug being tested as it blocks the interaction of a substance called PDL-1 with PD Inhibitor. PD-1 is present o the surface of cells of the immune system that fights cancer. However, when these normal surface cells encounter cancer cells PD1 becomes inactive d by PD l1 which is found on the surface of the cancer cells. This has the effect of making the immune cells die or become exhausted, and stopping them from attacking the cancer cells. Blocking PD 1 with MK-3475 means that PDL1 cannot inactivate it and allows the immune system to start attacking the cancer again. Putting it into easy words he said that they have found that tumours  have a switch to turn off   the Immune system and put it to sleep and so the tumour can grow away. We switch the Immune system on and wake it up and they say (come on there is a burglar in the house. destroy )

This study will assess the efficacy and safety of MK-3475 administered to participants with incurable advanced biomarker-positive solid tumors that have not responded to current therapy or for which current therapy is not appropriate. The hypothesis is that administration of MK-3475 to participants with some types of solid tumors will result in a clinically meaningful response rate.

So that was my day and with the great news that the Saatchi Bill was ready to go before the House of Commons again yesterday was a great day.

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2 thoughts on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- I now have all the dates in my diary for the Trial MK-3475- let the fun begin.

  1. Oh Mavis, we are so hoping this trial will bring you the hope you need.
    I think this is the drug trial that has been on the news today and in today’s paper, the results have been so encouraging. Thinking and praying for you for tomorrow and the weeks ahead, loads of love to you and Ray Brens and Tony xx

  2. i’ll be watching your blog avidly. they seem to be very excited with this drug and skin cancer. i do hope it does the business for you!!

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