Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary – Scan Day and Screening Day at the Royal Marsden –Drug Day Monday

Gosh we were up at 4am as I had to shower breakfast and Ray had to walk Louis.

Today was The Royal Marsden and all the Screening to confirm my going on the trial. We arrived at 8am due to an accident on the M25. When we got to the queue of traffic we sweated as they can shut the M25 and you can stay there all day. This was our worst nightmare. Lucky the moved everyone involved over to the inside lane-this was the hard shoulder but now its the inside lane and boy does it cause problems now. We sailed pass and our speed picked up. This is why we will leave early.

They told me today they make my drug up when I arrive so getting there earlier might be a good idea anyway.

I cant get over how clean and shinning the hospital is. Toilets as well are spotless.

So we went to the 3 floor to Oak Ward and waited until the staff arrived. I was assigned to a very nice Nurse. She took so much blood and put them in many tubes and labelled them all up. The cannula was in  for bloods and also for contrast used when scanned.














This is called a baseline scan as it is used as a marker to watch how the disease grows or shrinks. They bought the 12.40 appointment forward so off I went to the department and I was shown to the wrong one. After waiting ages a nurse ran in and told me to follow her . Down the Staff stairs and into another scan department.

What I couldn’t get my head around was all this equipment and all the staff and all hospital in fact was for just Cancer. It does seem to make you feel well looked after and being on a Trial you are really looked after.

The Scanning staff had me lay back on a scanner (Really up to date state of the art ) They set up the contrast and disappeared. I did a breath in and breath out and they came rushing in. You have an under wired bra on –whoops!!!.

They striped me like a conjurer on the stage. I wasnt to get up just roll as they had the scan all set up.

Doing this bent the cannula so she was so worried. If I felt any pain shout. I didn’t though so all went well.

No she said to drink for 24 hours to flush my kidney -That’s something I have never been told before. Didn’t know they were very worried that my right hand kidney has shrunk and my other one is very out of shape. When I saw the Doctor he told me this and I said that I have lived since I was 2 like that and that the made me a new Urethra  when I was 45. It now works 100% after all the Chemo I have thrown at it.

Made me laugh as I was just confirming what was down in my notes.

So he finally said, after more form filling, Ok your on the trial and start Monday.

Yipee. Another Mesowarrior has just signed up and is having a bi-op looked at so I cant wait to meet him/her.

I sat and had read through their Magazine Im amazed at the work they do.

That was it all done so we came home again very happy. Ray seems content now we arent going every week so we can plan days away through the rest of the summer.

Mesothelioma UK have sent out their email News letter but it is a download so we will have to wait for it to appear on their web site

Linda and Steve Wride have written about Steves Trial and Journey thats on Page 3 and on Page 6 is my write up about the Saatchi Bill really pleased we Warriors are writing more Articles.

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