Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A Wonderful Weekend at Canterbury

We have had a wonderful couple of days and all at Canterbury P&Ride. As you know I meet friends there as they go and come back from the Tunnel. They live up North and I dont get to see them on rallies.

Janet and Drew were off to france so it was lovely to meet up with them.

Janet R Naylor

We were parked up by the time they arrived Friday and we sat out in the sun and boy was it warm.

Hungry we had a lovely meal in the Old Gate pub

Well pleased with the service and the cooking so we were all happy and enjoyed ourselves.

It was still light when we went back to the motorhomes and was able to sit out and natter on.

Saturday we said bye and saw them on their way.

The P&R was full of Motorhomes and people from all over Europe, I love the friendly atmosphere and helping people where to go and what to see. Why other Councils dont follow suit Idot know as we all went down to the City all spendinding money. I like to stock the M/Home up for the summer with all the soaps and deodorants etc etc. I bought clothes and we had a wonderful breakfast in the Weavers Cottage.

CanterburyJan2010852_The Weavers_SM






The breakfast was huge and we were so full up when we left






My Scramble egg







Rays Full English

We shopped until we dropped just like tourists its so funny how staying in our home City can look and seem so different.

We went back on the bus shattered and had a coffee and I went to sleep for an hour -well we both did.

I started to get uncomfortable in the back and then the chest. The bottom of my Lung hurt more than usual. The thought that I carried all the shopping and we were on our feet for 4 hours. I was proud I had walked up and down the main road and in and out of all the shops, but it had taken its toil.

I went to bed to watch a bit of telly and took my Paracetamol but woke up about 1 or 2am. Took a couple more but the pain was so bad. It is a reminder that things are moving on inside and The Meso thins he is getting a hold.

I cant wait to start the trial tomorrow. It is really becoming necessary I do know that. I keep thinking I was given 3 months at the start so if it is growing and has got back to the same sizes and yeat more coverage than doe the 3 months come back into play again.

So here we go Im home unpacked washing done and all ready for tomorrow. Up at 4 am and on the road 6.30.

Please let it be the success I know it will be Im very confident.

Rays Blog



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