Living With Mesothelioma- My Diary – The Video of my Speech is ready

It has been a relaxed quieter day with Louis sleeping most of it. He is so shattered it was so noisy with all the barking. I have washed his bedding as well so we are back to a normal life.

I have no appointments until Fridays East Kent Clinical Meeting  at Kent and Canterbury so I have a lot to report as they didn’t know I was going to Manchester.

We have been doing some heavy clearing of hedges in the garden. Not mine but they cause a lot of cutting back on our side so we have cut right down and although I have lost some privacy it has ended up Ok though as the man who lives behind is is very quiet and we never see him.

So we were well happy with all the work we did.

All the hosing down I have finished and so it is very tidy.

I have been sorting out all the friend requests from lovely people I met over the last few days and tweeters more and more people reading my Blog.

Ray loaded the video to You Tube so I have put that on my facebook and twittered so here we are x

Im very pleased with it. It fitted in so well as they were discussing the Patient and so I gave the patients view.

My Grandson has said

I feel like you’ve become a politician going to all these different places and talking on important subjects— I’m very proud to have you as my gran, I hope you know that.

What a wonderful thing to say and he is only 23 bless him. I love him so much as well and all the fighting I do is so I can watch him grow up.







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