Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary – Louis Haircut and a great song about where I live has been released

Spent yesterday knock out with this cold. Its the first one I have had in 5 years and the fear it brings as so many Warriors have gone so quickly with infection from a cold.

I slept most of the day so that began to frighten Ray. Just a simple cold.

I have woken up feeling a bit better but not 100% so will rest again as I need to be well for Mondays drug.

Coughing was very bad and it hurts the lung so much, I have escaped the meso cough for so long but now its here and I dont know what I can take to help it.

I cant just take anything as it might clash with the drug so I will have to phone to ask today.

We are getting used to Louis Haircut, it makes him such a little dog when we thought he was a larger tubby dog.




















So small but he has been enjoying the luxury of being at home. He really isn’t a kennel dog.

The culture shock was to much for him.

Whitstable featured in music video


A NEW song celebrating all that is wonderful about Whitstable is set to become an internet smash.

The music video was released online last week by cheeky band Men With Ven and is already causing a stir on social media sites with its catchy chorus.

The band takes their name from the supposed plural version of ‘man with a van’ and are described as ‘three men and nearly as many chords, on the road from Barking to Deptford’.

The song shows band members Bill, Dave and Carl driving through the area and features well-known sights from Whitstable, including the Old Neptune and the Duke of Cumberland pubs.

Dave Barratt from Men With Ven said: “It is a well known fact that Whitstable is a future European City of Culture despite not even being a city, so we have jumped on a non-existent bandwagon and rode it as far as we could.

“Also Whitstable rhymes with ‘mystical’, ‘spectacle’, ‘delectable’ and ‘biblical’. Who could resist that?

“We all love it down here. Bill lives full time in Whitstable, I spend about half my time here and Carl is a fully fledged DFL (Down From London).”

To find out more about Men With Ven, visit

Asbestos Hunter has published photos of the different Asbestos.

Photo: Wow, 7-million views and counting. That's a lot of awareness.

Other people make videos of their speeches and I was really impressed with Mesowarrior Sandra Kinart who has talked about her story. So impressive xx

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