Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- Cold Virus is getting better

I feel so much better today. I have had a scare as I never knew what a cold can do to a Mesothelioma patient.

Ray has asked me from now on to be truthful, when he asks how are you? I must really tell him.

This has come about by the fact I fell asleep in my chair yesterday and he came along the passageway. Now Im a light sleeper but I knew in my unconscious level  he was there but I was having to shout to myself to wake up.

I couldn’t wake up.

I did finally come back to a waking mode but Ray said it took some time. Now we understand how a failure mesowarrior dies so quickly when they have a cold or infection.

I rested all day although we did manage to get out to shop and I enjoyed the ride out.

I slept on and off and I have had a good sleep even if I did wake up at 3.30.

Im just so grateful to see another dawn rise.











On Facebook a friend has said there is a bad virus going around so Im pleased to know thats all it was.

So another has said honey and lemon for the throat I have got a lemon out of the freezer and will make a drink up.

Just had a message that A Mesowarrior is fading. We have been friends for some time and  reading back I have always been there to help with all the different pains. I wish I could be there to take away this last few moments of pain. Bless him I hate itwhen we lose another warrior.

My love and hugs go out to him and his family and Im behind his daughter now. She has been so loving and caring. We make so many good friendships as we travel the journey together.

Boy do we need a cure for cancer. A nasty Biologist said to me at the weekend, We have to die of something. Maybe! but not at the hands of a man made fiber. I just turned my back and walked away.

So now I will  get breakfast and today is a chill out day.

Rays Blog I will leave him to tell you about a watch he has bought me. As big as Big Ben on my wrist -I like big watches but this is taking the Mickey

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