Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- The Saatchi Bill has had a good Result in the House of Lords today. I also went to my Locality Meeting.

I dont know where to start with todays blog as it has been a very eventful day.





It started this morning with Lord Saatchi presenting the second reading of the Bill in the House of Lords and he even mentioned me.

Please watch it here

Im so pleased it has passed another hurdle and i will carry on backing Lord Saatchi in every way I can.

I had to leave the Debate to go to my Own NHS East Kent Partnership Locality group.

Ray and I thought the meeting was very good as we had speakers that were talking about subjects so close to my heart.

Dr Gordon Ellul lead Clinician and Consultant in Nuclear Medicine . I have never had a PET Scan and always wondered why. It is because Money plays a part and we only have a Mobile one that visits the hospitals on rotation.

All that is going to change

Because of the lack of availability, PET scans tend to only be recommended for people with complex health problems. They are not routinely used to diagnose cancer, but are often used in confirmed cancer cases to see how far the cancer has spread and whether treatment has been effective.

However, PET scans are becoming more widely used by the NHS, with an average of 40,000 PET scans being carried out by the NHS in England each year.

I never knew an ordinary scan is taken with PET Scan so that they can compare. As a Scan shows a tumour and a PET Scan shows that the tumour isnt always solid but can be debris where the tumour has died  So when they do a Bi-Op they might not actually put the needle is a solid part. The PET Scan shows them where to take the bi-op.

It can save money  as it could show that an Operations wouldnt benefit the patient. As at the moment with just a Scan it isnt showing the whole story, The PET Scanner is needed for more detail.

Patients wont have to travel to Guys now it will all be carried out in East Kent.

Trials are the best Medicine nowadays as we are making such progress.

A PEt Scan costs £750 per patient that has come down from £1000 and is coming down more next year. A ordinary Xray costs £25.00.

Other things discussed were Lymphoedema Services and Supportive Therapies like The Harmony Trust

Then Dr Barbara Mercier and her team discussed Clinical Trials in East Kent.

They said to use

There are new trial being realised in the next few weeks. Of coarse this is for all cancers so keep searching for Mesothelioma.

The East Kent  Oncologists are going to have a better National Database for trials so Push your Oncologists throughout the country to sort trials by National Database as the Open data Platform is growing .

EDT Hub has been deployed to NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent’s 120 GP Practices and NHS Medway’s 61 Practices to distribute documents electronically rather than using the previous paper-based method.

The end-to-end solution enables the effective transfer of electronic documents to improve patient care, reduce processes performed by healthcare professionals and provide significant time and cost savings.

The solution is calculated to save NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent and its Practices £198,616 per year in time savings and consumables when transferring 900,000 documents, without taking into account savings in postage costs. NHS Medway estimates that approximately £108,122 will be saved per annum in time savings across its practices.

Transferring electronic documents using EDT Hub

EDT Hub captures documents from Secondary Care systems and distributes them to any GP practice. By sending documents electronically, Hospital Trusts can not only meet delivery targets like the 24 hour discharge summary, but they can also make significant savings by removing printing and postage costs. The PCTI EDT platform is a proven solution for delivering electronic letters to GP practices such as Discharge Summaries, Discharge Letter, Encounter Reports, Radiology Reports, Outpatient Clinic Letters and Out-of-Hours Reports.  There are over 40 Hubs already deployed (between Hospitals and GP Practices ) delivering the benefits of joining up healthcare.

Once again push your hospitals through the country and take the link to prove so much is going on in the NHS.

We here in the East Kent are having a recruiting for more Patient Repa they are really listen to the patient. Please what ever your illness think about joining people like me. I love being in the working end of the NHS. I dont moan I get in there and try and make change. Please turn your anger into Positive and help bring the changes.

Well thats been a great day and helped me to take my mind off of how I feel.

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