Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A good Weekend Car Hunting

Saturday was eventful as I decided to buy Ray a new car as a surprise. We have been talking about it since travelling up to The Royal Marsden. We needed a bigger engine or a more powerful one to keep up with the traffic on the M2 M26 and M25.

Ours is great for around town but we had never planned on a longer journey like the Marsden.

We looked at the garage where we bought our car but there was nothing that caught our eye.  So we went back to Whitstable to the Harbour garage.

When we arrived we were amazed that every car had balloons flying from them. It was packed with cars being moved around. Great it was a special sales weekend.

harbour garage







The sales team were all there  and made us feel so special Even Louis was welcomed although he wasn’t happy with another dog that was there.

I saw the car standing there I loved her on first site. Lucky enough Ray did to. So she soon became ours. The great thing about buying here is the Milage is always low. People retire here and buy a new car and then find they have to give up driving for many reasons. So a Bargain is always to be had.













We found it strange as you done need road tax as the emissions are so low.  At the moment we pay a smaller tax but this one is free ??? didn’t know they did that.

So we can collect her on Thursday so something to look forward to.

It rained last night just after we went to bed. So so hard it was very noisy on the roof.

Been taking life easy as this virus has knocked me out this week. Its the sleeping that was frightening. 2 hours awake meant 2 hours asleep all day yesterday. I tried to force myself to cope with it.

Ray said I scared him in the night as my breathing became bad and then stopped. He thought I had gone he said but as he panicked I took a huge noisy breath.

I slept all day and then all night so I didnt know a thing. Then today has been the opposite and Im right back with life again.

My ribs hurt bad though -on the left side. When I touch them they feel sore. The hospital knows about this and they have said it is the disease progressing as the bottom half of the lung, as it is covered and restricting my breathing.

Such a sad disease .


We have lost 3 Warriors this weekend. They all have fought a Courageous battle but Mesothelioma won in the end.

candle 2






Goodnight my dear friends, We will miss you .

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