Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- My wonderful Whitstable and spent the day watching the Tour de France

Sunday and Monday have rolled into one. Im very bored so we keep going out in the car. Sunday was great walking in Herne Bay and the Tankerton but then we chilled out.

The most exciting thing was described by Ray —-While we were out Saturday we had all the car windows open it was so hot.  At one point something hit me on the head. It made me jump. Mavis  said whats up. Something just hit me on the head. But  we couldnt see anything and it was quickly forgotten. Today when we took louis to the park mavis suddenly shouted out wasp  there is a wasp in here. I braked but mavis was ahead of me she had already flung the door open good job I had almost stopped as we were passing a heavy fence. But sure enough there was a wasp crawling  along the dashboard. But with a quick swipe up the backside she had helped it out the door. I wonder  how that got in here she said. I said I recon that is what hit me on the head yesterday and its been  shut up in here over night.—

We finished off with a walk in Louis park as he is off lead and chases the ball there.

Yesterday we had to call in and get the polish kit that they had forgotten to give us and then we went to Tankerton

Pictures of Whistable have been published and its why I love it here. So quaint and natural and hasnt really changed in all the years. You cant modernize everything it would just spoil a wonderful place..

Whitstable (3)

I never regret coming here and the 14 years have been so happy despite my illness. Im sure it has played a huge part in my survival for so long.

Then again yesterday I received this link

Our sunsets are famous here and Turner used to paint them.  A lovely read

Possibly due to the load placed on the family by these problems, the young Turner was sent to stay with his uncle on his mother’s side in Brentford in 1785, which was then a small town west of London on the banks of the River Thames. It was here that he first expressed an interest in painting. A year later he went to school in Margate on the north-east Kent coast. By this time he had created many drawings, which his father exhibited in his shop window.

Thats why they built the Turner Contemporary at Margate


tour de









We really enjoyed watching the Tour De France as it has sped through the UK. The turn out to watch it has made us proud. Considering it was a Monday as they sped through Essex to London the streets were full of people encouraging them on.

The third stage of the Tour de France has finished in London with a second stage win for German Marcel Kittel.

The 96-mile (155km) route from Cambridge to the capital saw tens of thousands of fans lining the roads.

It finished on The Mall after taking the 197 riders past Cambridge’s historic colleges, through Essex and Epping Forest and on to London.

The riders will now leave the UK for stage four which begins at Le Touquet-Paris-Plage in France on Tuesday but I bet they wont get anything as good as the Welcome that was given here -Well done Uk


The last couple of days I have been in a thinking mood and have pulled myself down as now and again the Meso and the fight to stay positive gets hard.

Sleep is getting disturbed and Im awake again 3.30am the pains are felt more in the ribs like a vice is crushing my left lung. Im told this is a side effects along with fluid buildup in my legs, the ankles are so puffed until I sleep it off at night so as Im awake early that hasn’t been able to drain. So the feeling of bloating goes on.

My ribs on the left hand side bulge and are a different shape to the right. The left shoulder is pulled in more so all clothing slips of the shoulder.

The Selfie shows that


I feel a mess and even though I dont eat much My weight goes up still. All this has been recorded at the Marsden.

I should really up the exercise and try to get to grips with fitness. I just wish I could go back 5 years and be the same person I was then.

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One thought on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- My wonderful Whitstable and spent the day watching the Tour de France

  1. Your symptoms sound just like my dad’s. He was diagnosed February last year. He lives in Kent too. Sadly he can no longer drive. I’m glad that you are able to get out and enjoy the sunshine. I admire your strength and positivity. Keep on fighting xxx

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