Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A call from the Royal Marsden, The power of the Mind to heal -Interesting !!

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The weeks are going by and we have been so lucky with the summer so far. Once again though treatment is holding my life up as we really should be away and traveling, although if it wasn’t for treatment I wouldn’t be here to enjoy the life I have,

I wish I could have just one day where Mesothelioma wasn’t on my mind. It is a word that I didn’t know and now it has been in my life everyday for over 5 years.  It evades so many lives and turns them upside down.

We had a good day yesterday and I stayed awake longer. The pains are naughty though. I only write about pain so as to log what is going on and so that it is recorded for others to read. Its no good making out all is good when its not. Thats no help to others is it.

I had a phone call out of the blue yesterday, I thought it was going to be another survey one that we keep getting but no it was the Research Nurse from the Marsden. She said I go on her day off so she is missing me. I told her Im coping well but I have pain on the second week and flu like symptoms although this week is better.

She said that the team talk about me every Wednesday and that she has good reports on me. That everything on the computer is good. See its amazing that people think the NHS is doing nothing for them but things are going on in the background all the time.

I ask her if the Trial is closed as I had been told it was. She said they have recruited from all cancers so yes they are not recruiting anymore, they will start again later on though. I suppose that Phase 1 has to be controlled as to how we are all doing as we are the unknown at this point.

I said I have all my faith in the drug. I talked about living longer than the 3 months and that really they cant predict a patient’s spirit.

No one can know the power of the mind.

I found this interesting link

Even if the link between religion and better health is genuine, there is no need to invoke divine intervention to explain it. Some researchers attribute it to the placebo effect – trusting that some deity or other will heal you may be just as effective as belief in a drug or doctor (Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, vol 366, p 1838). Others, like Paolo Lissoni of San Gerardo Hospital in Milan, Italy, who did the lung-cancer study mentioned above, believe that the positive emotions associated with “spirituality” promote beneficial physiological responses.

I talk about the core I feel through the centre of my body, it still is happy not a fear of death. Im still well enough to live and can live a active life. She was pleased with me and said she will keep in touch.

We talked about my side effects and pain, sleeping all the time and she said it has all been noted.

So that was a nice surprise, you feel in touch and that helps so much.

The day had been very good and we got out in the sun but the clouds were rolling in as forecast and the skies got blacker until the heavens opened, as promised. So it was a wet evening.

I did get all the washing done and dried. Louis had been ill on the mat in the night so I had to wash them. So unusual for him to be sick. He seemed ok the rest of the day and enjoyed his usual run around with his ball in the park.

we had passed a lady riding a horse on the way and so while we were walking around the park I could see her over the bushes coming to where we were. i lifted Louis up to make sure he didnt bark but the lady said not to worry. i put Louis down again and he took no notice. Amazing as it was a large horse.

Victory Wood
This 141 hectare site was purchased by the Woodland Trust in 2004 to be the flagship wood celebrating the bicentennial of the battle of Trafalgar.
The site has seen extensive replanting of the once arable land and the introduction of a considerable nautical theme with  a number of interpretative structures (statue of Nelson, Victory Footprint, Chain Link and Trafalgar battle plan in trees) themed around the Battle of Trafalgar but which are linked to the importance of trees/woodlands and how different tree species were traditionally used.
The real highlight of a visit to Victory wood however are the  breathtaking views across the Kent coastline and the nearby Blean Woods from the long ridge at the southern end of the site.
The Wood has a good network of permissive paths across it and these can be accessed on foot or form the car park in the North West of the wood










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