Living With Mesothelioma -My diary- I have booked the Hotel room for the Mesowarriors meet up in August, A crazy time ahead.

Yesterday was a day of booking things up. Planning August. Its easy now I know every other Monday is a no no because of traveling to Marsden. I now work around that.

We Meso Warriors have a meet up arranged in the Holiday Inn at Cheltenham and although I said I would go I increasingly didnt want to put Louis into kennels again. Those that know my very nervous dog no he is spaced out by other dogs and just loves his own company.

Talking to my Son yesterday he said don’t be silly we will have him, all the dates are on my calender , all sorted.

So we booked the hotel for the night and its all sorted.

It will be great to meet up again and have a mad time, lots of photos will be taken thats for sure.

Modern Hotel Ideally situated in Cheltenham Town Centre

They don’t know what is going to hit them as there is one thing we warriors do well and thats to party.

Yesterday was a weird day weather wise. It has gone cold and windy so we worked in doors. I did do a bit of weed pulling in the garden but it wasnt very nice out there.

I got the ironing board out and ironed Rays trousers. I normally dont do much ironing as I dry cloths in a dryer and hang straight up and store in the airing cupboard where all the creases fall out but rays thicker trousers do look better for a good ironing.

We did go shopping as I keep running out of something.  Ray took Louis for a walk as I went in to the Supermarket and I had a Chemo moment and couldnt remember my pin number. I walked round the shop and it came to me again. Thank goodness that could have been embarrassing.

Came home and I zonked out again. not to long though. They are getting like a power nap as I wake up and can do something around the house. Mainly cooking a meal Its on thing I have not lost my appetite. That is a great really as so many Warriors do loose theirs and have to have special drinks etc etc .

On face book I shared  —-The research has found that often: kids who eat family meals together are more likely to do well in school, make healthier choices, feel more connected with their families, sense that their parents are proud of them, and have a more positive outlook on life.

In their book The Hour that Matters Most, Les and Leslie Parrot state:

Study after study shows that the more often families eat together, the less likely the kids are to smoke, drink, do drugs, get depressed, develop eating disorders, become overweight, and consider suicide.


I was only thinking that on Coronation Street last night David was draped over a settee eating a piece of bread i a really horrible way and I thought then thats what is wrong with children today. They have lost the sense of manners learnt at the table. We always sit to the table and always have done. We chat as a family about what day we had. Table manners are so important all through your life as you entertain or eat out. Then Misty put that on her wall -I just had to share.

There is a strike going on today that will cause chaos.

GMB members across the country will be taking part in a one day strike to protest about a derisory pay offer of 1%.

After 450,000 job loses in local government and a pay freeze which has reduced wages by 18% in real terms, council staff are now being told that they are unlikely to see their pay match inflation before 2018.

We will have to see what happens.

A motorhome forum I belong to had a great question about Asbestos exposure

My son-in-law was telling me yesterday that last year he received a letter telling him he had been exposed to asbestos on a previous job he was on.

Apparently the job had been surveyed and passed as being clear of asbestos and it was only found out later that this was wrong. Now he says he’s been told he can’t sue unless he contracts asbestosis, which seems wrong to me, anybody know if this is correct?

It appears many people are now getting a similar letter.

Im amazed that after all the work we do to raise awareness that the facts are not right.

No one can sue for Asbestosis only Mesothelioma. Many answers were saying how it isnt dangerous. I added as much as I could to the conversation but I didn’t want to sound like I was preaching. It is hard when you know the facts and others don’t.

I have given so many links, I bet people wont read, but hopefully when the problems crop up through the years  someone will remember what I wrote.

I was amazed at some replies that said they have lost fathers to the disease. So many do know what its like to have Mesothelioma in the family.

New figures from the HSE show the number of people killed at work in the construction industry fell last year but deaths from mesothelioma, a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, continue to rise.

Last year there were 42 fatal injuries to workers in construction, lower than the average figure of 46. The latest rate of fatal injury is 1.98 per 100,000 workers, compared to a five-year average of 2.07.

However, the HSE statistics showed the number of deaths from mesothelioma has increased – 2,535 people died of the disease in 2012, up from 2,291 in 2011.

Lou Has written in her blog in Australia —

14 July 2014 PGARD (Parliamentary Group on Asbestos Related Diseases) have organised a luncheon at Parliament House, Canberra for various party politicians to be present.   Also ASEA (Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency) are also supporting this important event to raising awareness about the dangers of asbestos.  I have been invited to be a keynote/guest speaker.  It is an honour to have been asked and I am looking forward to this event.

We know she will do a great talk and they will listen to her.

I love the way we all work so hard for Awareness around the world. We have found our voice and we use it I hope they listen to us we can really make a change.

Mind you she has delayed her Chamo to  be flying up on Sunday afternoon and staying with good friends for the night rather than an early flight on the Monday morning that could leave me feeling exhausted and a bit short of breath.

I hope she stays safe and thinks of her own health first.

Well breakfast is calling, the skies are a very weird colour that green tinge where you know the heavens are going to open.

rain 2


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