Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Wardrobe turn out -All the fun of the Tankerton Regatta- and we wish Aussie Lou Williams a great Speech to the Canberra Parliamentary Group On Asbestos Diseases.

Yesterday was a wet and dull day again so I decided to turn the wardrobes out. Everything that I thought can go I bagged up and I got Ray to take us to the clothes bank in Tankerton. I pushed the bags in and that was that I cant start putting back in the wardrobe, changing my mind.

I have also sorted out a pile to hang in the wardrobe in the Motorhome for camping in.

The Tankerton Fair was on so we couldnt walk on the slopes as it was packed. It was turning warmer so we strolled amongst the stalls.

Whitstable and Herne Bay Lions Club ran  221th Anniversary of Whitstable Regatta. It is probably the oldest sea Regatta in the world.

The two day event will be packed with fun, music, displays & races for the children – Everything to suit all the family.

There was a series of seaborne events which were popular in my youth & in my grandparents’ day. The boats of yesteryear & on Sunday the Whitstable Yacht Club will be organising the sailing events. The local Lifeboat Service will also be demonstrating their skills at a seaborne rescue. There is also the return of the “Greasy Pole” for a fourth year.

A Grand Firework Display out at sea created large bangs here.

Medieval history was brought to life with the East Kent Historical Organisation Throughout the two days there are a magnificent array of stalls, sideshows and all the fun of the fair  by Traditional Fairground Amusements.

The children and parents were having a great time.

The day ended in bright Sunlight and turned very warm.

Well our Lou Williams  Kat Wake Burge of AVA  and Rod Smith (Our Rodders) of Bernie Banton are off to Canberra to a meeting at Canberra Parliamentary Group On Asbestos Diseases. To hear about The Australian Safety and Eradication Agency

The formation of the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (the Agency) announced on March 20 by Minister Shorten was the product of a three-year consultation exercise commissioned by the Labor Government. A sum exceeding twelve million dollars has been allocated to set up the Agency which is expected to commence operations on July 1, 2013. Working in conjunction with local, municipal, regional and federal governments and other stakeholders, the independent Agency will be responsible for the coordination and oversight of the National Strategic [Asbestos] Plan, the ultimate aim of which is “to minimise exposure to asbestos fibres, in order to eliminate asbestos-related disease in Australia. One of the most important objectives of this plan is the removal of all asbestos from Government and commercial buildings by 2030. By embracing this goal, Australia has confirmed its place as one of the global leaders in the fight against asbestos.

Contemporaneously with the announcement by Minister Shorten of the ground-breaking Australian initiative, in Committee Room 154 of Parliament House a seminar was taking place under the auspices of the Parliamentary Group on Asbestos Related Diseases (PGARD). Guest speaker Laurie Kazan-Allen, Coordinator of the International Ban Asbestos Secretariat, addressed the subject of: Australia’s Response to an Asbestos Pandemic: National, Regional and GlobalSenators, Members of Parliament and civil servants in attendance included PGARD co-chairs Senator Lisa Singh and Russell Broadbent MP.

Lou is Speaking as a Mesothelioma sufferer and international advocate for mesothelioma and and asbestos related diseases.

We all wish her luck and know she will do a great job but she is in the middle of Chemo and isnt feeling 100% so we wish her well and hope she can keep her strength up.

lou p











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