Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A weekend Camping in Uckfield

We have had a great weekend away in Uckfield so I think I will load photos and they will tell the story.

My voice is back completely but the small price to pay is a very painful throat  The amazing thing is I have been able to walk around so steady and my legs are strong again.

Appetite is Ok have managed to eat healthy though and thats the main thing.









The very hot weather bought  wonderful storms

The night sky was filled with strikes as we watched from our Heki

This was at the Isle Of Wight not very far from where we were when it comes to storms as this  came over us and we were watching the show.


There have been wonderful clouds overhead


Blue skies in the warmth and this was the view from our M/Home


Sun sets and sun rises were all so pretty


Sun set






Lots of relaxation time where you just sit and look atnature

Lots of relaxation time where you just sit and look at nature


















Mick got out his guitar and played Country and Western.











Did we care if it started raining-no of coarse not it just meant the umbrellas came out.

















The sun soon came out again, our patients was rewarded.





Saturday night was another storm and we had a huge lightening strike with a huge bang as a fireball exploded just over the wooded area. Fire engines with sirens blasting and a house had been hit as was reported in the newspaper Sunday.×378.jpg

It really has been an eventful weekend and I have enjoyed every minute.

We came home today and I have done the washing that can be packed back in the Motorhome for the next trip.

Rays Blog he has enjoyed it as much as I have had bless him.



One thought on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A weekend Camping in Uckfield

  1. Hello Mavis,
    Looks like you had a high old time at Uckfield and it did you some good I guess. Brenda and I have just come back from a coach trip to Austria and had a brilliant time.Apparently she has become active again so we have to wait till August for next appointment. Still we are looking forward to our cake bake off sale at Guys on Thursday. All in aid of Meso awareness.
    You did say you would put it in your diary, does that mean you might come up to support us? It would be great if you are up to it, as I would love to meet you. So take care my love and speak to you soon.

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