Living With Mesothelioma- My Diary- A weekend at Rye

We have had a great weekend again at Rye for the C&CC 50th birthday

I love Rye

We started off with panic as Ray found we had a puncture and had to call the AA. All packed up and waiting was funny.

Ray has told the story.

We did finally get away but the Sat?Nav played up all the way. I do know how to get there but we were testing it. So we dicided to buy a new one on the way home as I cant go back to reading maps now. I love a satnav


The O2 were being put together to hold the BBQ and food tables for the Saturday night birthday party But first we spent Friday being a tourist around Rye


Rye city wall


I made it up a steep slope and that was it -Shattered


Looking down into gardens behind the shops


There are so many little shops to interest


Ray climbed up on a wall to take this and there was a huge drop to below


A wonderful sunset Friday night


The party began and everybody had enough food at the BBQ well done to the cooks x


Lots of chattering and socialising went on as the wine flowed.


We finished the evening with a good dog walk as all the dogs joined in.































It has been a splendid time and just as we were all packed up to come home the heavens opened and the rain poured down.

We didnt really say bye just waving from the Motor Home but it had been a great rally.

On the health side I have as I have said before had a painful throat. It has now got to having to take 2 Praceomol just to eat a dinner of potatoes and meat. I ate the BBQ only because I had taken tablets.

I will ask tomorrow if this is a side effect. I really dont mind eating Mince and mash and all foods soft as that isnt painful. Its as if my throat doesnt wish to stretch or is it a tumour ??? So many questions tomorrow at the Marsden








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