Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- Trial Drug Day and Many roads were blocked with accidents and floods.


It was a very early ride up to Marsden today but the roads were so clear as the Children are off school so the local traffic wasn’t heavy.

The new Sat/nav worked well although the volume on new Tom Toms are not very loud.

Stopped at Clacket’s  Lane and then got through to Sutton well.

They had let 4 nurses have holiday so with only 3 on it was very short staffed for the volume of patients that had appointments.

I finally got in and had my bloods taken leaving Ray asleep in the waiting area. He had got up at 5am so I let him be.

The Sister tried to find my veins but as usual it was a hard job and settled for the usual one in the crick of my arm.

Then blood pressure taken  134/75 so still on the low side but doing Ok.

When weighed I had lost nearly a stone but I had meant to as the weight was going up and up.

The Nurse has said that my scan is nest week but dont panic if the result shows a flaring as they are seeing that when the drug works and turns the Immune system on the scan shows a flareup. Explaining to me how when you cut yourself the wound goes red all around it as the ant bodies set to work. This is what happens to the tumour’

I then sat waiting for the doctor but I had to have my blood retaken as the Biochemistry test had clotted (but all of us had the same problem) Was the machine playing up ?? Because the cannula was used last time I had to have it taken out of a vein. tries of sticking needles in me I finally gave a sample.

With that done I waited to see the Trial Doctor. He finally called me in and carried out his usually examination. I reported my throat and how I had to take paracetamol to eat meat or potatoes. larger pieces of food.

He has ordered that when I have my scan next wednesday it will incorporate my throat.  I now wonder if the tumour in thyroid is having a flare up.Only the results will sort it all out.

So that was it I had to wait for the drug to be made so we went off for a coffee and Ray had a cake while I was good and had a yogurt.

Back up in the waiting area we sat talking to other patients. You meet up with the same ones each week so it is all light hearted chatter that goes on.

I was called in to get the drug as it was ready.

This was put through the cannula it it only takes 30mins with two flushes I was soon out.

We drove home and was so lucky as all the roads hd accidents on them. A caravan had turned over at Bromley but we came off at M26 so we were very lucky as the traffic built up.

We were glad to get home and have dinner. I did iron the curtains I had washed and we hung them up. Another job done

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