Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- My leak is fixed-Hooray. Emmerdale has gone off the rails with their story line of Donna and Mesothelioma The warriors are angry.

Woke up so early worrying about the hole in the back garden that was so full up with water, looking like a new fish pond.

When I went out and looked it had filled right up and the water was running down the patio, what was left of it.

I decided to clear the garden down the side and check for any other damp patches. I did find some but it turns out that its the neighbours watering of her garden. She has just had the whole pf her garden paved and planted she wouldnt be finding it funny at all if it was all dug up again. It was making me laugh that after just paying out for the repointing of the slabs everything was being dug up again.

I carried on and worked hard filling up the wheelie bin with old dying plants, the skip down the carpark is full up from the weekend gardeners tidy up.

We went out to the post office after lunch to post a parcel to a friend for her birthday and then rode out to Louis park for a run around.

When we got back the workmen were in he garden trying to trace the leak. It was found and shown to us as it was gushing out and yet just a small hole in the pipe. Everyone was working in the mud and they were getting it all down them. ray and I felt so guilty.

They then had to turn the water off and mend the pipe. I had men in and out, working in my cupboard and in the bathroom turning water on and off.

Dirt got into the pipe so very dirty water was coming through. they had to hose it all through. What a lot of fun.

DSCF935A1 DSCF9352 DSCF9353







So now it has been left to dry out as the area is so wet and muddy and they will build it all up very slowly and put back all the patio.

Im happy with that and so so pleased its been found and all mended. My neighbour must be breathing a sigh of relief bless her, as she will not be dug up at all.

Well tomorrow is nearly here and Im off very early for a 9.10am appointment for a scan. The first one in the MK375 trial. Im so nervous. I have to wait until Monday for the result. I will have to go away again or I wont have any nails left.

So much depends on a good scan.

Emmerdale is covering Mesothelioma with the help of Mesothelioma UK but tonight they have gone off of the reality of Mesothelioma. They dont offer help afterwards either with Contact details. We Mesowarriors are getting annoyed now.

The Papers are interested in how we feel so watch this space.










We lost two Mesowarriors on 1st of August

Caroline told us — At 8.50 on 01-08-2014 my darling man Peter H Thomas lost his battle. He died peacefully at home in the arms with his ever loving family…..miss him so much it hurts. my funny lovely man has gone xxx

Pauline Beddoes told us her darling Jon has gone
At 04:25 in the morning of 1 August 2014, the love of my life died in my arms in our bed surrounded by our children. All I wanted at that moment was to stop breathing and join him on his journey. He was just 59. It’s just too, too cruel.

His mesothelioma was diagnosed in February this year and he was given 6-12 months to live. I feel robbed of 6 more months with my darling Jon.

So sad as families are being pulled apart.












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