Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- CT Scan at the Royal Marsden

Photo: This little man is sending you a hug for great scan results xxxx all the way from Brighton xxx

This lovely photo was put on my Facebook wall by my warrior friend with the message –

This little man is sending you a hug for great scan results xxxx all the way from Brighton xxx

That cheered me up xx

What a day. We set off for the Royal Marsden at 6am but I had been up since 4.30am. By the time I had breakfast and a shower

the time went by so fast and we were off as soon as Ray had walked Louis.

It was beginning to rain but as we travelled we went into heavier rain. The spray was bad from the lorries.

We were getting warnings of congestion on the M25 due to emergency repairs just after Clacket Lane and

we soon caught up with the queue of traffic.

We decided to keep going and not have a toilet stop. I prayed I made the right decision.

legs crossed








We went past the obstruction and emergency repairs were being carried out but there were 2 cars there as well.

Anyway we got past and then we had a good journey.

Arriving with a couple who had bought their Motorhome and their dog was staying in it while they went in to their appointment.

They camp at Redhill but gave us the tip if ever we take ours we can only park in the disabled spaces in the front as you loose the turning points higher up when trying to get out.

Inside saw us finding our way to the Scanning Dept where we were seen early. I had the cannula in and given water to drink. this is so the organs show up more.

The lady doing this said ” I have to say this but you look really well. Amazing when you know what is wrong with you.

Hmmm maybe Emmerdale has got the story right and you do look well as Donna does.

Three of us were then ready to go down the stairs to be scanned.So we chatted away and the nice young man with me said he came from

Plymouth and had Lung Cancer that has gone into remission and now broken out in his Liver. He is on a trial now.

A little boy was there with his hair gone. How cruel that one so young was going through Chemo and radiation, bless him my heart went out to him and his parents who were doing everything to calm him and amuse him.

I was soon called in and the Technician was working all on her own. She set it all up and then put the contrast in.

lots of “Breath in and breath out” and I was soon having the Cannula taken out. Now I have to wait until

Monday on drug day for the result. So different to my other results of waiting over 1 or even 2 months. I like this about trials as the results are always ready earlier.

So that was that. We went and had a coffee in the Cheery Tree cafe and then travelled home. The sun was shinning and life was good.

Did some shopping for the Motorhome and stocked up for Malvern next week.

We finally got home and had a late lunch and took Louis out for a run.

They did come and have filled our hole in which now needs a impact slammer to push the earth down flat so they can relay our slabs.









I did manage to come back from the walk and cut more plants down to tidy the front garden. Im going to do a bit each day now so that gradually the whole garden will be winter tidy.

mrs brown

My friend Paul Reece Carrington who is a comedian and who lost his Father to Mesothelioma has posted a photo of Mrs Brown

He asked ” Do you know what these to people have in common except both just being comedians?
We, both myself and Brendan aka Agnes Brown both lost our fathers to what is about to become the biggest occupational industrial killer work related cancer “mesothelioma” !

Its good to have such high profile people in our midst as they can raise awareness so much better than us when we need help.








Looks so peaceful now but the damage and deaths it has caused doesnt bear thinking about

Canada ex mine
A view of the now abandoned British Canadian open pit asbestos mine (B.C. 1 & B.C. 2 mines) located in Black Lake, Mégantic Co., Québec, Canada.

One of several closed asbestos mines in the Black Lake and Thetford mines region of Québec.

Photo: How things change!

I put this on my wall and Jan Weston answered ” And you will post this again next year xxxxx” Bless her i hope I am.

Rays blog today –Up at 5 am dog walked and out at 6 am off to Marsden. The m25 was horrendous. torrential Rain. Could just about see the lorry in front of you. Then one lane closed for road works. But just after 8 am we arrived. It was a short morning we were all done…



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