Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Some have had a very wet day today its our turn Sunday

So many people have had rain today. Very tropical rain.












the road to coventry, the A14.

We have been so lucky by the look of it and we were able to get out to walk Louis.

But we are being told to get ready! The Met Office has issued a Yellow Warning as the remains of Hurricane Bertha sets its sights on Kent –

FLOOD wave

THE Met Office has issued a severe weather warning with forecasters predicting winds of up to 60mph and rainfall of more than 50mm.

The forecast for this afternoon includes heavy, slow-moving showers with a risk of hail and thunderstorms.

Forecasters are warning the remains of Hurricane Bertha could hit the South East this Sunday.

Winds along the coast are expected to reach up to 60mph along with large waves.

Read more:
So that sounds really horrific and only time will tell if we do get this.

We are trying to work on my second book but its a long process as so much has happened since my last book. We must do it but I expect when its winter and cold we will not be interrupted by the gardening.

Much to my embarrassment I have had to contact a gardener to come and price up clearing roots as we must make it easier for ourselves. This week has taught us that we are not really capable of working this hard.

When we were younger and 5 years ago we had the strength but that has gone since I have been ill and Ray had a heart attack.

We should have gone to Cheltenham to a Mesowarriors reunion but I had to drop out as we was having to travel to Slough for our family to have the dog go onto Chaltenham. Drive home Sunday to Kent then travel to Marsden Sutton Monday travel home again. Then travel to Slough Wednesday then go up to the Malvern Camping show.

All to much for Ray and just not fair.

So we are home when the other warriors are enjoying a great laugh.

I will enjoy looking at all the photos.

I did have a funny message on Facebook though it read like this

I cant believe this my Facebook Friend has messaged me the following im so sure it must be a hacker but just shows never to fall for it.

Mavis are you there —Not fine here with my family

Me –Oh dear whats going on x

We came down here to Lozova, Ukraine for a short vacation to visit a resort and we got mugged at gun point last night.

Me—Sorry but what are you doing there in these troubled times. How awful for you. Are you Ok -will you come home ???

All cash,credit cards and mobile phone were stolen from us. thank God we still have our passport ID with us, It’s was a terrible experience.

Me—I bet but you are lucky not to be hurt –Oh you poor thing xxx

We’ve been to the embassy and the Police here but they’re not helping issues at all,our flight leaves today and We’re having problems settling the hotel bills, Please i need your help.
how can I help your so far away I need a loan of £400 from you. I will refund the money back to you once we get home.

Me —Oh please Jan you must be in contact with so many of your friends please ask them xx Oh dear end of conversation and account deleted. Yes it was a scam —very strange.

So I have had a very quiet day, maybe I have had to much on my mind with the results of my scan looming. I feel good but you cant help the worry of a scan. It is a time that I go quiet and just read what is happening on facebook to try and forget. I have don a pile of ironing and some more washing to get ready for next week as that is going to be such a busy week.

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