Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary – A long Weekend at the Malvern Western Motorhome Show. Wonderful Time with my Fun Friends.

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We travelled to Malvern to have a great time with all our Fun Friends and Maverick Campers as well.

The Mavericks are a Facebook Forum.

The sun shone and it has been really warm at times but has turned colder today but at least we had a fine time away.

arial photo












Chris Grew had the Drone camera in the air and he took this great picture. If you click on it you will see our Clubman a bit clearer. Its the 5th row from the road and 4th row along. She looks small to the larger ones around us ahhh!!

I did manage to walk so well around the show so that has made a lot of difference from walking with a walking frame. This Drug has worked wonders.

The rest of the photos speak volumes. Rays Blog


We had a great time at the Malvern Country and Western Motorhome Show having traveled up from Kent to stay with our family for a night and then on to Malvern. A great journey except following a cattle truck we never realised the oil coming out of the back was in fact Cow wee and we arrived covered in a wonderful layer. poo!!!!! 

ray and I









The Gangs all here bless them.

table top sale











Frank selling him self in the table top sale (No takers I believe  ha ha !)


We sat around in the sun watching everyone settle in


Yes an RV carries this inside everywhere they go and I thought it was a real horse for the minute.


Love the shows that are put on and the history of the west is told


These reenactments are carried out each day. 3 times a day.


The costumes are so splendid and they really look so real


A friend of a friend does take part.


The Chairman of C&CC encourages people to join the group and we had a catch up with Brian


Ahh he spots us and we also spotted his wife. Kathie –Hi There xx


The band strikes up in the Fun Tent and we have a great evening of entertainment. A great time was had by all and I had loads to drink.


Viv and I –cheers!!!


Jock and Rita enjoying the day


Chris and Claire Linda and Tony all enjoying fun.


The evening got underway


Sonja Kevin and Frankie joined us


Rose bashing Tony for a Toffee Vodka


Doc Haliday seemed to be with us


Chris forever the photographer.





































I joined the backing girls.









2 thoughts on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary – A long Weekend at the Malvern Western Motorhome Show. Wonderful Time with my Fun Friends.

  1. Mavis, it was an absolute pleasure to see you looking so well, and having a great time with too. Good on you girl (Y) J & R. xx

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