Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Ebola is helping the cause of The Saatchi Bill as the drugs are fast tracked. Our Angie is in the papers as she talks about her Balloon Day

Waking up at home today seemed so weird. you open your eyes and for one minute you think where am I. Then you realize you are sleeping in your home and not the motorhome where you wake up and take the dog for a walk in the field and there is always an early riser to call good morning too.

I miss all my friends as we do have a lot of fun together.

It is also very hard to get moving as every bone aches from all the exercise of walking.

Slow breakfast and then tidying up all takes time and the morning soon goes.All the washing is dried and now put away so we have caught up with all the unpacking.

It was lovely to go to the park and Louis ran around so mad and fast to catch his ball. With so many dogs at Malvern he is always on a lead so to release him today was so good and he seemed to really appreciate the fact.

I then bought him home and shut him in the house so I could go shopping as i had such a lot of meet to buy to stock up the freezer again.

Lots of new recipes to try out so Im looking forward to cooking meals.

Our lovely Angela is in the papers as she arranges a Balloon day

balloon day x









Please register ASAP, as we will have a restriction of how many balloons we can release.

Details of how to register and pay for the balloons only.

Go to your own online bank account and make follow the banks links to transfer the money. Enter these details below

1 – Name of person or company – A Caulfield

2 – account no 11277663

3 – sort code 110028

4 – Their reference (this is very important) Put your full name as this is the only way I know you have paid, this will be the name you use when collecting the balloon on the day.

Minimum donation for a balloon is £5


1 – any mistakes cannot not be rectified, so please be careful when entering the details, as I am not resposposible

2- any donation less than £5 will not buy u a balloon, and just be given to st marys as a donation

3- All donations must be made in full and not part payments

4 – one donation= one balloon

5 – if u require more than one balloon please donate indivdually for each balloon (dosen’t matter if u use the same name)

6 – I am not responsible of any transactions that are not completed properly in any way or and not not reached the account by the below date

7 – please allow 3 working days for the money to reach the account, your names and details will not be given to third parties.

8 – I will not be listing on fb who has paid, but if you are wanting confirmation please pm and I will return a like (thumb), but this will not be done daily but I will get back to you when I can.


You can drop of the min donation in a sealed envelope with your full name and address either at

Gas bagz
Theatre bar or
Furness mail offices on abbey Road

This is Ebola and the drugs are being fast tracked which is really backing the Saatchi Bill and all it has been asking for.

The World Health Organisation approving untested treatments for Ebola has prompted an interesting debate.Listen again to the BBC Radio 4 PM programme where Eddie Mair asks: ‘If it is justified to use untested treatments for Ebola why not for cancer or other conditions?’



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