Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- a great August Bank Holiday

We have had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend with our son and DIl

They arrived Saturday with another birthday present.

I have already had a Mulberry handbag from them

Small Willow Tote


So I cooked them a lovely chicken dinner and we slowly drank wine all evening.All very pleasant and such a laugh.

I asked if they would help me put my wall art up to decorate the lounge wall. I thought they would laugh but we enjoyed it as our DIL had fun doing it for me and it looked good. Making sure we didnt put to much up as less is more.


















Well its different xx

We opened up the bed settee and made the bed up but the left the plastic bag on the mattress.I told them they would slip but no they didnt listen.  Of coarse I was right and they didnt sleep so well.

We had breakfast and then after lots and lots of coffee we went to the Range to have a good look around. We didnt buy much but there are some curtains for the bedroom I liked so I will measure up and go back and buy them.

On our return they both fell asleep while I cooked another meal and then they were soon off home as they had to travel on the M25 but infact there neednt have been a worry as they had a good journey home. They had some tree cuttings they wanted to burn so they had time to catch up on that job.

I did have a long sorting out of Tesco bank as someone in New York was spending my money on computer games. Cheeky devils!!! It was all sorted out and they are sending me new cards and I have changed all my account settings and passwords. Just an inconvenience.

Today it was pouring with rain (Bank Holiday rain ) we went to a local garden centre to purchase ground cover and root killers for a garden company –Garden Squirrels (Love the name) They are going to clear a small part of my garden for me and put the covering down  and we will regravel.

So tomorrow Im off to the Marsden again for the drug day. Up early then. Rays Blog xx


So another part will be all tidy again.



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