Living With Mesothelioma – My Diary- Another MK3475 Drug Day at The Royal Marsden

After the alarm went off at 4.30am I got up and had a coffee and showered dressed and I was ready so I made the bed and tidied up.

Ray took Louis for his walk and then we set off at 6am.

The traffic was great then it came over the radio of a collision and 2 lanes shut on the M25. OH NO!!! right at Calckets Lane.

As we got onto the M25 we had joined the slow crawl to get past it. A lorry and then I saw the car in the field by the side of the M25. Once we passed the traffic sped up but we had lost 30 mins so it wasnt a disaster. ray dropped me off at the door and I dived in the loo and he parked the car.

I was put into a daybed as there was so many of us after the bank holiday.

The nurse was with me and she took all my bloods from very tiny veins that wanted to hide.

I have agreed to a PICC line that will be fitted by my next appointment in 2 weeks.

The Doctor came then to see the 4 of us that were in the ward.

I asked him what to do with my legs as I had turned in the bed and rubbed some skin this then was weeping. The other leg I had rubbed in my sons car and that was weeping as well.

He was worried by the redness and has given me a coarse of antibiotics but had the Edema Department come along to look at it in the afternoon.

Acute pulmonary edema is usually to do with the heart but Cisplatin has caused mine.

The Doctor was well pleased with me for going camping at Malvern and walking around. I do feel so well and I know Im doing so well. I can feel it.

We sat around waiting for my bloods to be tested and the drug approved. That message came through so we had to wait through for the drug to be made.

Ray went and had a dinner in the Restaurant but as I was in a bed I had a free one. jacket potato and cheese with a trifle for sweet.

The Consultant from the Edma Dept came in and looked at my legs and agreed they need strapping up to support and make the muscles work to clear the fluid.

I have a sheet of leg exercises and a box of gauze squares but she went and got me a pair of support pop socks that she helped me put on. They are so comfortable I had instant relief of the pain and soreness.

I was the measured for another pair that will be with me next appointment. So with the Antibiotics and water tablets and the support socks the problem should get better.

We sat and did crosswords and I was trying hard not to drop off.

The poor lady in the bed opposite was having Icecaps fitted on her head as she had her Chemo. This is so her hair doesnt fall out but it isnt proved this works

When blood vessels in the scalp are cooled, they become narrower, and so less blood flows through them. Cooling the scalp during chemotherapy means that less of the chemotherapy drug reaches the hair follicles. This means the hair is less likely to fall out.

There are two widely available methods of scalp cooling. One method uses a hat known as a ‘cold cap’, which is filled with a gel that can be chilled. The hat must be fitted snugly around the head to work properly. The other method uses a small, refrigerated cooling system to pump a liquid coolant through a cap that is attached to the cooling system.

She was so tired bless her.

The lady in the other bed was having a Phase 1 drug for Pancreatic Cancer. Its working well for her and she said it is for other cancers as well. Seems to me there are a lot of cancer sufferers receiving drugs and getting good results Im so proud of the Royal Marsden and thrilled I found it and bucked up the courage to go for it.

A nurse from the day ward came in and said the news is great isnt it. I said “you have heard about me then ” “Oh yes we have heard and its brill news”.

The nurse then gave me a birthday card signed by all of them. That is a wonderful touch I really must take some chocolates into them next time xx

I finally, at 3pm had my drug come up and it was set up and flowed in for 30 mins.












I soon had everything taken out and cannula out. I wanted an appointment changed in October as we will be home from the Leicester Conference on the Sunday but it will be to late to get the dog home from the kennela so I can now pick him up on the Monday go to Marsden on the Tuesday.

They are so kind and nothing is to much trouble.

I was then Discharged and we came home. The M25 was in trouble again but we were lucky and got home Ok as they had cleared the accident on the M20 but it was raining hard -what a day and what a bank holiday it was. The coldest one on record. Rays Blog –he is tired out bless him xx



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