Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- The Ramblers took up our space we walk Louis in. Memories of Amsterdam.

Rays Blog Im putting it here as people are missing the blog of a carer xxx

My Saturday

Louis was ill all night and was running out to the garden all the time. Poor thing but poor us we needed our sleep. Ray ended up sleeping on the settee with him.

It was raining heavy and as dawn surfaced it was so black skied. Finally the sun came out so I did some washing then we took Louis to the park.

We had to be careful as a rambling class was going on and they were exercising with their walking poles. It looked weird that people need lessons with the pole.i just walk with mine but they really use them to help

Yes just like this .











We got back home for me to put the dinner on slow cook and then I fell asleep. Rays blog explains what he did while I was in the land of nod. Yes cutting roots of a tree and with his bad back.  Naughty Naughty if he had put his back out I would have been cross as I have asked a gardener to do it but she hasn’t turned up. Now ray has done the tree the rest is easy and we could do the job.

My Brother and Girlfriend turned up and we spent a nice afternoon nattering away about what is happening to us. He bought me a Magic scarf with many ways to use it -well 15 ways actually so that will keep me amused, A lovely rose bush (miniature) and a travel bowl for the dog. Louis loved it and was smelling all the new smells. That is going in the car and will be great for all his drinks after his walks.

The time soon went and they were off but Louis didn’t want them to go. He is to vocal by half little devil.

So we all walked down to the car to wave our company off and then returned home to spend the rest of the afternoon sorting things out. I did check all my write up of the Trial and I should be having a scan every 8 weeks so the hospital have got my Picc Line fitting mixed up with a scan. I will have to sort this monday.

Dinner all cooked and eaten washing  up done,we are watching X Factor thats all the Autumn programs starting again. I really must get a proper hobby. Sonja is crocheting and Lesley is knitting so I should start as I will be left out of my Motorhome friends chatting.

IATP director had visited Holland this week and then this picture appeared on Facebook.It all bought back wonderful Memories for Ray and I of the time we spent in Amsterdam. We arrive at 6 in the morning as the coach pulled up in the square and a English bar owner opened up as he could see we were so tired. It was a great time of boating up the canals and visiting Ann Franks room in the top of the house and imagine her writing her diary. We visited the flower markets and the red light area at night where the ladies of the night sat in windows to sell their bodies.

It was a very romantic scene and a wonderful memory for Ray and I. We never realised on the ground how it was built although we did see all the dykes so knew there were many canals.

Ray also was reminded of when he traveled from Dusseldorf to the Hook of Holland, when in the Army. Three times a week he drove the 3 ton army truck to deliver and collect the mail from the ships and he sorted all the mail out for delivery to all the troops in BAOR (British Army Of The Rhine.











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