Living With Mesothelioma -My Dairy- Appointments on different days at the Royal Marsden so lots of travelling this week. A great Article has been written In The Telegraph Today

Rays blog he is happy xxx bless

I see things differently bless him.

I phoned the Marsden as soon as I could and was told that when a scan had given such a dramatic result, they have to take another scan to prove that the result was true. They have to be so sure as it is a Phase 1 trial.

Today we was determined to do more cutting back in the garden so out went Ray with the electric cutters and was demolishing everything. I got out there and picked up all the cuttings and to keep an eye on him.

Then the Parks workmen came up and said they were going to fill our hole in and put everything back to good again. So we all worked out there together. What with a builder in the garden in the garden behind us, working on a new patio for our neighbour it was a very productive day.

It was very warm and and the clouds rolled over.

With all the work done by Lunchtime we dumped all the foliage in the communal skip and had a snack.

Of we went to the park then and played with Louis as he raced around.

It was time for home and put Louis indoors as I wanted to go shopping at Asda as i love Georges clothes. I needed a new wardrobe for Leicester conference so I enjoyed looking and buying.

I have bought Ray a lovely jumper with just a collar and insert of a shirt. Very lazy.

Mock 2 Layer Jumper

In real live it looks cute.

We went around the whole store and I bought a top up of groceries.

Then in the car park we fell in love with a old Bentley.











Me making out I own it









The owner might have been watching us as when I replaced my trolley back to retrieve my £1 a man was walking up and he had to be the owner. Long white hair and a blazer he looked like a professor. Yes he did climb in ha ha !!!

The phone went when I got in and it was the Marsden telling me they have a cancellation tomorrow so can fit my PIC Line.

I reminded her I have to go Friday as well but she said if I dont take tomorrow they cant do until 19th September.

I said of coarse I will go then and she has suggested that when I have the PICC line fitted to go and see if they can fit my scan in at the CT scanning Dept.

I have agreed to that so we will see how I get on.

A really great Article has been written that we Mesowarriors have enjoyed reading

Andrew Lawson was the kind of man whose force of personality could shake things up, even in a gargantuan organisation like the NHS. A consultant anaesthetist, he devoted his career to sparing the sick both the agonies of illness and the torments of treatment. Among those who sought him out, his wife remembers, was an MI6 officer who had to live with the crippling after-effects of torture.

Lawson understood that while doctors are captivated by diagnoses and diseases, those being treated are overwhelmingly concerned with something else entirely: pain.

One day in 2007, however, he was the one who began to suffer. “I have not felt myself,” he wrote in May that year. “I’ve had difficulty in energising myself.” Struggling with flu-like symptoms, he found himself impatiently berating his wife, Juliet. “I want everything to happen sooner rather than later,” he noted. When Juliet went away on business for a week, Lawson found himself unusually, and unaccountably, upset. Something was up.

He got a colleague to perform a chest X-ray. Just two weeks earlier he had been skiing in the French Alps. The results of the X-ray came back. He had mesothelioma, an incurable cancer that affects the pleura, or lining of the lung.

With most cancers, it is hard to know the exact cause. Though some smokers get lung cancer, for example, not all lung cancer sufferers have smoked. But mesothelioma is different. In almost every case, the cause is exposure to asbestos – a fibrous building material once dubbed “miraculous”, but now known to be mortally dangerous.

For most of us, mesothelioma has been an easy disease to ignore. Asbestos, after all, is a product of the past. The most dangerous type of asbestos has not been used in Britain since the 1960s, when a voluntary industry ban came into effect. Even when it was used, only people in specific industries worked closely with it – pipe laggers, builders, carpenters and shipyard workers, for example. An industrial toxin from another era, it hardly seems cause for concern today.

But such complacency is misplaced. Britain, it turns out, is today at the peak of a mesothelioma epidemic. There are more mesothelioma deaths here than in any other country on the planet. With an annual toll of about 2,500, more than twice as many people die of the disease as die in accidents in motor vehicles.

Please carry on reading at the link it is an amazing write up.

Glorious alt text

GMB has had extensive discussions with asbestos removal workers from all parts of the UK. From these discussions it has become apparent that there is a lack of meaningful worker Involvement in all areas of health, safety or welfare provision.

GMB Call On Asbestos Removal Employers To Work With Union Members On Sites To Ensure Safe Removal And Disposal Of Asbestos

After discussions with asbestos removal workers across the UK it has become apparent that there is a lack of meaningful worker Involvement in all areas of health, safety or welfare provision as required by licences says GMB

GMB, the union for staff in the thermal insulation industry, is calling on all licenced asbestos removal companies to join with the union to tackle concerns being raised over health safety and welfare of workers in the industry.

GMB sit on the Asbestos Liaison Group (ALG) alongside bodies such as ARCA, ACAD, NFDC IATP and UKATA which deals with licencing of asbestos removal companies.

Dave Hulse, GMB national officer, said “Part of the ALG’s conditions on granting a license to a company covers worker involvement in the process of removing and disposing asbestos safely. Without a properly trained, licensed and regulated workforce who are complying with regulations companies will be at risk of having the licence removed.

GMB has had extensive discussions with asbestos removal workers from all parts of the UK. From these discussions it has become apparent that there is a lack of meaningful worker Involvement in all areas of health, safety or welfare provision.

A large number of workers have also expressed concerns about the poor quality of the training being delivered by training providers. There are also issues regarding workers being excluded from involvement in the planning stages on site with regards to heat stress and working hours inside enclosures.

So despite assurances given to GMB that workers are included it is apparent from our evidence that it is simply not happening in the majority of companies involved.

GMB is urging all companies who employ asbestos removal operatives to join with the GMB to seek to raise standards in the industry and to ensure that the elements in the licenses are fully complied with.

At present the terms and conditions of thermal insulators and asbestos removers are negotiated with TICA/ACAD and GMB.

The best way forward is for a unionised workforce using its combined strength to oppose any short cuts regarding health safety and welfare. With workers in a union we can work employers them to ensure they comply with obligations under the ALG’s license at application or renewal.

In these challenging times for the industry the only way forward for companies is to be the best organised and efficient in the market place. Failure to develop a professional way of working may well result in companies going out of business.”

The fight goes on and on.




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