Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- I have a PICC Line fitted but what a day

Rays Blog for Tuesday

My Diary for Tuesday

I have had a very bad day as we had to go to the Marsden to fit a PICC line. This was so easy before when I needed it for Chemo.

I have had 2 fitted before at Kent & Canterbury and they only took about 20 mins but this toda has been awful

I arrived early as the traffic was good as we left home at 10.30am so we were in a good mood.

Found the right ward (Minor Procedures ) The unit is organised and run by specialist nurses dedicated to the care of cancer and day surgery patients. A combination of medical and nursing staff perform the procedures. Relatives are allowed to remain with patients if this is preferred.

Specialist Nurser was so lovely and all the nurses so kind as everything was set up.

A PICC line is a long, thin, flexible tube known as a catheter. It’s put into one of the large veins of the arm, near the bend of the elbow. It’s then threaded into the vein until the tip sits in a large vein just above the heart.

The line is usually sealed with a special cap or bung. This can be attached to a drip or syringe containing your medication. There may be a clamp to keep the line closed when it’s not being used.

If your veins are small, it may be difficult to find a suitable one to put the PICC line into. Your doctor or nurse may use an ultrasound scan to help them find the best vein to use. The ultrasound uses sound waves to produce a picture of the veins in your arm. A small hand-held device is rubbed gently over your arm

This she did and I was watching all my small veins as she found a suitable one.





















This is a great video to explain. I had a new machine a triangle set on my chest and bottom of my neck that was a scanner that showed the line as a circle and how it was following the line passing from my arm into the chest. It has to drop down but mine wouldnt and it kept going over to the other side.

I went to Xray and had an Xray immediately so came back to the ward where they already knew it wasn’t in the right place.

I had to have it taken out and the area recleaned as I was pouring with blood. The nurse said she just hadn’t seen one behave like this she said its as if if something was in the way. It dawned on me I have the large tumour in the area by my heart.

So she set it all up and tried again. Gosh it hurt in my vein and then in my chest I could feel the line going round and then the full stop.

She tied me up temporary and sent me for another Xray. We went off again done in a lift then up into another and straight away the Xray was completed.

When we got back the Doctor was happy it would work where it is so we wrapped up. District nurse has been booked for tomorrow to make sure all is ok after 24 hours and then ray will clean it on the week I do not attend Marsden.

The Specialist Nurse was shattered as it had taken almost 4 hours to do this simple procedure bless her. We did share a laugh about it all.

I was able to take a photo of my Xray as its the first time I have seen just an Xray.Usually its a CT scan but the I was so shocked to see the Xray

It shows how Mr Nasty has taken a third of my left lung.














You can just see the line going from the left lung to the right and the nasty tumour stopping the line from dropping in left lung.

We are home and  so tired but apart from the pain and funny day we have had its been very interesting. i have seen my tiny veins and why its been so hard to get blood from them but most of all we have met Mr Nasty. I haven’t slayed him yet but I want him to know I will fight him to the end. Its him or me and so want it to be him. MK3475 -28-PDL1 is my sword and I will strike him down. But You all know I have done my hardest to make the Mesowarriors proud of me and fight our cause.

Meso UK gang









Being the last one to survive out of my close friends has a profound effect on me.

a logo2











Ray designed this  Badge for us and it is my guide for each day.

candle 2


8 thoughts on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- I have a PICC Line fitted but what a day

  1. Such an awful illness. It sounds a horrible procedure too, I really feel for you..I hope you are feeling a bit better today

  2. Wishing you lots of luck and strength as you carry on your fight. It’s good to let others know what is happening and I hope you are getting lots of support x

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