Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A very quiet Sunday resting after to much work in the garden.

I really should learn that I must not push myself to the limit. I dont like being so wek and can not allow my body to be lazy. I have sat around for 5 years slowly deteriorating under the poison of Chemo trying to fight Mesothelioma.

I have tried to live a normal life as slowly I was having to use a stick and then a walker. I now feel so good on the MK 3475 drug and I have my mind back and my strength so I think I can do things again. I think Im super women, but workingin the garden on and off all week in between going to the Marsden 3 times this week and again Monday.

It has gone well with Ray helping me but yesterday was the day that broke the camels back.

We worked on the last bit stripping out plants and laying the cover and putting stones back ready to find a shingle or a bark to fill in.























I worked until I dropped yesterday and had to go to bed early. My hands want to close and lock up now and Im shattered so we are having a very quiet day. A small walk around the park and thats it we are still relaxing.

I had ordered the gardener to do the work but she hasnt turned up or contacted so we have had to do it.

Now its done thats it it will be so easy to keep the garden from now on. My friends all know how I have always got Rays future in mind and I always try to sort out an easier life for when he is on his own. I can see that at this rate it will be me on my own if we don’t slow down, Bless him.

I did get another phone call and this time I have had fuad on my Barclays Debit card. I did use that to buy a birthday card with Moon Pig and thats the only time I used it. It took all afternoon and many phone calls to sort it out as 6 vidio games had been bought this time.

I was very cross about this as we do everything to keep our accounts safe but when so many of my camping friends are getting the same problem and from a common denominator being the booking for the malvern show it get very worrying.

Today is so lovely and sunny after a very foggy start. It is so warm so we are having a Indian summer for a few days anyway. We have done nothing, not one thing. So rested but recovering.

There was a great programme on about the Saatchi Bill

Really interesting discussion on the Medical Innovation Bill this morning.
Lord Saatchi: ‘The consultation showed that there is disagreement in the medical world about whether there is or there isn’t a fear of litigation – so the case is proved that there is uncertainly and therefor a clarification of the law would be of great benefit.’
Thanks to Harrison’s Fund and Create for Chloё for taking part.


The AccuVein finder uses infrared technology to make it easier for nurses to find veins for drawing blood or inserting IVs. Magic!

This is going to be a great help in our hospitals so I hope it is soon in the UK


Rays blog



8 thoughts on “Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A very quiet Sunday resting after to much work in the garden.

  1. What a busy time you’ve been having. Sometimes it’s hard to know when you are doing too much and it’s not until the next day that it hits you. Make sure you give yourselves the time you need to rest! The garden looks wonderful and I’m sure you’ll be over the moon when it’s all finished. 🙂

  2. I am glad you are feeling better. I love that vein finder. I have to regularly have infusions and finding veins is a real pain. I have sat many a day with my arms and feet in buckets or warm water and 6 times is the usual amount of attempts

  3. The garden is looking great. Just make sure you are looking after yourself 🙂 The accuvein finder looks like it could be a great device in hospitals and could save a lot of stress for lots of people. xx

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