Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A very proud Gran today

A very lovely day unfolded through the mist again. Love the sunshine hanging on, the world is so much better and you seem to cope better than a rainy day.

Ray had to go out and he spent a great morning on his own. Thats a rarity for him as he never leaves my side. I enjoyed being on my own and just slowly had a shower and worked in the den answering so many messages and emails.

Helping people with info on my trial and finding more info about what was going on in the Mesothelioma world.

Checking on Warriors that are suffering.

I had a great comment on my wall from my darling Grandson he said Shout out to my gran, Mavis Nye for her incredible strength and courage. Shout out to my Granddad, Raymond Nye who does everything he can to keep her happy, as well as one of the best Granddads a… whatever I am like me…. could ask for.

Bless him he has had a wonderful weekend He had written— the day just gets better, seeing my One Piece Grandstand AMV at closing ceremony and everyone cheering, to find I won the AMV contest. Thank you so much, everyone clapping along and the overwhelming amount Of people cheering me on, it’s the best feeling and I was no expecting it.

Having watched the Video I can see why he won as its brilliant and if you love sport you will recognize the music.

dan at the AMV contest well done











Dan in the costume of his character (Ray and I did buy for birthday present )

He has the same entertainment tendences as his Dad.

So after that great morning Ray came home and we had lunch. Then we decided to go to Tankerton where we walked Louis and bought some lovely local fruit.

I had a phone call from Alan Tess’s husband as the Post mortem is over so they have released Tess for her funeral on Friday. We will be going but Im so so pleased we went to see her at home in the last few days of her life. We had a lovely afternoon laughing and giggling and a huge hug as we left I knew we were saying goodbye I just knew it xxxx

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