Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary – Goodnight to another Mesowarrior -When will all this pain stop ??












We say goodbye today to another Mesowarrior Paula Stanley. I haven’t known her for very long as she has had a very fast growing Mesothelioma. She is the daughter of Annie and Pete Roles, our camping friends and I couldnt believe it when I first heard Paula was suffering with the same disease as myself.We have messaged and I brought her into the Mesowarrior Groups where she found help. I was pleased when she also began to help others, It is so good to share your thoughts  when you know you are terminal.

I wanted to go to her funeral but after saying goodbye to Tess on Friday I knew it’s to soon for me. Standing there knowing I have the same disease, its so frightening and I just go to bits.

I have sent flowers from the Mesowarriors and Messaged Annie and I hope she understands.

I have thrown myself into working in the garden until I hurt. I just dont want to think. I keep remembering the photo of me and three other warriors and now its just me left. That is so unnerving. It hit my positiveness.

I will regain it I promise but this week we have lost a warrior everyday. The pain must stop as people should not be killed by an Industrial Disease, Asbestos was used so freely and it should never have been allowed. It was known it would kill so it should have been stopped. Greed should not have been allowed. We are surrounded by the material and there is a duty to manage buildings but not in homes.

So with all the Garden done I can now enjoy this week as they say its going to be an Indian Summer. The sun is rising up and its a new day.


This week is a very historical week. Thursday is the Scottish Referendum and maybe we will wake up friday morning with  a broken UK. I do hope the right decision is made, but it is very interesting  times.

The Queen made the comments to memebers of the public waiting outside Crathie Church

It would appear even our Queen is worried.

The Queen has made a dramatic and highly unusual intervention in the referendum debate to urge voters to think “very carefully” before they vote on Thursday.

The comment, to members of the public waiting outside Crathie Church, appeared to be a deliberate move on her part.

She normally walks in and out of the small church from her car, while on holiday at nearby Balmoral Castle, without talking to bystanders.

But before she left the kirk on Sunday, a police sergeant invited members of the press waiting 200 yards away to come up to the church to see the royal party depart.






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