Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary – Good Luck to Scotland x We say goodbye to another Mesowarrior.

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I have got to say Good Luck to Scotland as what ever the result Scotland will never be the same again. This has torn you in halves with either Yes or No . Hope Friday is a day when you can rebuild again the Scotland we Britains Love xxx

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Yesterday was a weird day with this heavy cloud we have. They promised sunshine in the afternoon but it never came as they now say that when the low cloud lifted higher cloud came and shrouded us. It makes you feel like you have a thick head, so very weird. I know Ray felt the same and I kept saying are you Ok.

There is a lot to do this week with all the garden so tidy now we have had a great rest. Just the normal housework and washing clothes.

We are off to Brogdale (Based in the heart of Kent, Brogdale is a living gene bank of over 4,000 varieties of apples, pears, plums, cherries, cobnuts, currants and quinces and the Biggest & Best collection of fruit trees in the world!)

We will be in the Motor Home as its just around the corner in faversham. Im looking forward to some country walking to see how I fair but I will take a walking stick just in case I get tired as thats when I start tripping.

Will take photos of coarse. It will soon be turning colder as winter approaches so making the most of this unusual warm weather. They said on TV that we cant call it an Indian Summer until the 21st and that it is wrong to think and Indian Summer is to do with India, its not its to do with the USA and the Indians there. You live and learn.

Sure enough Wikki knows —-

The US National Weather Service defines this as weather conditions that are sunny and clear with temperatures above 21 °C (70 °F), following a sharp frost (the “Squaw Winter”). It is normally associated with late-September to mid-November.

In the desert southwestern United States, where frost is rare, the term is sometimes used to refer to a brief period of hot dry weather which occurs after the hottest months and before the onset of winter cool and/or rain, typically in October or November. It may also be used to refer to any unseasonably warm weather during the first few weeks of the rainy season, before the approach of spring. In the Pacific Northwest, it refers to warm, dry weather after the first late-summer rains. In some regions of the southwestern United States, “Indian summer” is used colloquially to describe very different weather phenomena, including the hottest times of the year, typically in late July or August.

A late-19th century Boston lexicographer named Albert Matthews made an exhaustive search of early American literature in an attempt to discover who coined the expression. The first reference he found dated from 1778, but from the context it was clearly already in widespread use.

A famous use of the phrase in American literature is the title of Van Wyck Brooks New England: Indian Summer (1940), chosen to suggest inconsistency, infertility, and depleted capabilities, a period of seemingly robust strength that is only an imitation of an earlier season of actual strength.

My blog yesterday has bought mixed reactions as I highlighted the video and the history of Asbestos.

You can read in the comments boxes at the side but I highlight something I dont understand —– Mave this is a great bit of work thank you. Did you know that here in Canada we produced over 40% of this stuff some not far from where I live here in Newfoundland many more will die before anyone does anything. What will it take? I Know they will keep hiding this because there is money to be made and killing people does not matter to big or small business we cause to much trouble they just close down and reopen under a different name WHEN IS IT GOING TO STOP i WILL DO ALL i CAN FOR THIS CAUSE.

I thought Canada was understanding as they had to close the Mine down and the Prime Minister didnt get the loan to reopen. I did know they had a stock pile and were sending that to India.

I will have to have a snoop around and investigate.

Also Derrick wrote a comment — An excellent video Mavis I worked around the spray on insulation I did not know they were using it in the 1800’s I thought it was discovered in 1925 god the evilness of the coverup never fails to bring tears to my eyes. “Mans quest for riches robs him of his humanity”

Im so grateful for fed back as it spurs me on in my fight for Asbestos Awareness.

I have also been asked to talk to some nurses at the Mesothelioma UK Conference on the friday night as they havent met someone on 5th line treatment. Of coarse I said yes as it something close to my heart to shoe the NHS we do live with Mesothelioma so stop calling it arer and get on and fund more Innovative research PLEASE!!!

candle 2









I have had this message over night Dear Mavis. Please would you share my sorrow, my beloved husband Mike Hopkin lost his battle with Meso on Monday, he was such the life and sole of the party and only saw the good in everybody,and if they were bad it was because life had delt them a hard hand.It’s true the good die young. Many thanks Shirley ————so I light a Mesowarrior candle for Mike our brave Mesowarrior

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