Living With Mesothelioma -My diary- Rays turn for check-up appointments, Flu Jab and Patient Access is now up and running

A calmer day today although after a good nights sleep we had to get up early as Ray was off to Dracula’s clinic for a blood test. Also he had to see the diabetic nurse.

Louis and I went with him and I went off walking Louis. I walked around the Harbour when the Greta was moored.

'Greta' The Historic Thames Sailing Barge (1892)

‘Greta’ took part in the evacuation from Dunkirk in 1940, she is the oldest Dunkirk Little Ship that is still working today and is a member of the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships.

I love her history and it was great looking at her early in the morning with all the summer visitors gone and we have our wonderful town back for the winter.

I came back and put Louis in the car as it was right outside the door and we could watch the car, but he slept.

I did panic as Rays name came up to see the Nurse and I couldn’t find him. You hear of people going missing dont you. He was hiding down by the room as they had told him to sit outside to wait before I got there. He came out and told me if I wanted to I could have my flu jab as she had given him his.

I was pleased as they only do it on a Saturday normally and in October. So I went in and she did mine. Job well done.

Ray has done really well with his diabeetus except for Blood pressure was very high. So he will send her readings everyday.

We then went for Ray to have a blood test and then we were free to go.

I wanted to go to the vets to buy Louis dog food. After parking in the car park (straight away the Traffic Warden came and was looking at all the cars for tickets. I waited as if you havent got your Disabled Badge just right on the Dashboard they can fine you) Phew she looked in the car and went on.

Louis started shaking like a bag of jelly. He smells the vets and panics. I carried him in telling him all I was doing was buying his dinner, silly dog.

Back to the car and traveled back home where a coffee was very welcomed.

Just a quiet day from then on.

My PICC line is more comfortable today. If you dont get everything laying down right it can get sore. I really dont like the claw that holds the line in. Its a new invention and the nurse said we are all moaning about it but they say it has to be used.

I have a better tube bandage on it which seems to hold it OK.

We just dropped off for a power nap when the door bell rang. Ray answered and came with a delivery from the Chemist ? We had not ordered anything. It was a pair of compression pop socks. The Royal  Marsden had sent my prescription  in to the GP and he had ordered them for me. Such good service.

Our Surgery has gone on line as well so Ray and I registered and we have our pin number now.

Its called Patient Access

It sounds good and I hope it works well.

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