Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- Macmillan’s coffee Morning Raising Money by our local members in Faversham

I had a email yesterday to say our Cancer Network Meeting for end of life had been double booked. I waited all day to see if it would be rescheduled, it didnt happen. So I got up early this morning and still no answer. It got where it was to late to get there and I didnt want to go and have it cancelled as it would have been a wasted journey.

So I was able to go to Brogdale where Macmillan were having their Coffee morning to Raise money.

Get your Coffee Morning Kit

The Courtyard Restaurant sells everything for 2 hours (10am – 11.30am) and puts the money into the Fund box.

Stacks Image 1517








Everything was ready for the fun.








Dragon flies where on the cup cakes with the butterfly (I couldnt see the difference )








Balloons were everywhere. outside and in.

We had 2 rounds of toast and coffee and Ray put a donation in the box.

We bought raffle tickets and then walked around the Farm to pass the time to the draw.

I went to the butchers and bought sausages in bulk for the freezer.











We walked around the railway track.
















a lot of signals for just a small railway.








I dont know where they keep the engine but the track runs through the orchards so people can see all the fruit trees.









We went back to the Restaurant and sat to wait for 11.30am by that time it was full and we had a good laugh with everyone as they then called the numbers out.

I won a pair of Gardening Gloves.

We were soon on our way home but we had enjoyed ourselves.

There was an email to say that the meeting was still on as they had another room. Oh well it was to late anyway.

I steam cleaned the rug in the Lounge, den and all the floors throughout.

Tomorrow I will do the hand held bits like tiles and cooker Then everything will be sanitised.

Must admit I had a power nap and then we took Louis for a good walk in his park.

So beef sausages and new potatoes for dinner and broccoli, Its been a fun day today.

Rays Blog


First off a trip to the station to get  tickets. What  should have been a simple thing turned out to be not so. I asked for 2 tickets. Have you heard of the early  pre-booked tickets he asked me. No I said. He went on to explain it. He said I will give you a train  time. You  must be on that train or tickets will be invalid. There is no refund or alternative train. Thats not a lot of good to me I said I  want to go  out on the friday and return on  Sunday. I can do that but I must give you  the train to be on. If you  prefer  I can offer a more simpler  booking you  go out on the Friday and come back on Sunday on any time train you choose. Well that sounds better . Ah!  but that’s more expensive he said. Ok I said sod the expense just give me to  returns for  the Friday and Sunday. Ok. Would you like me to book seats.  Right If I say yes to book me a seat he will then have to know what train I am on or he will give me a train. And we are back to square one.

Am I missing something here or is it me? Anyway its done now I must put the tickets in a safe place as it was £186  of  tickets.

Next Off to B & Q for a steamer. But they didn’t have it. Off to Sainsburys for milk she came out with a trolly load of other stuff. Next  its a trip to sturry  to the range . They have the steamer she wanted.

Ive done my BP again today 128/77. how she got over 200 4 times yesterday I think her m/c is faulty.

Dinner is done  what now Oh yes I hear the music wafting past my  ears its Emmerdale. Looks like that bitch  will get whats coming to her. WTS.



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