Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- ADAO had a Great Weekend

Its been a funny weekend for some reason. I have felt rough after the flu injection. Coughing away that interfered with my sleep.

I feel better today but the weather has changed and it has been a dull day. Very depressing. Autumn is on its way which I love. The wonderful Golds and browns and crunchy leaves,but its the turning the clocks back and pulling the blinds at 5pm that I hete.

I have loved this summer, warm days and nights we have had some great times this year.

So now we have to plan next years.

We have been out for little trips, Saturday the Park and yesterday.

The House is sparkling though all steamed and cleaned. The Garden is straight for winter so Im now ready for this weekend. Speeches ready Trains booked and Louis is booked for a weekend in the Kennels with his lovely kennel maids. They take pity on him as he is so nervous.






The Pride of Canterbury was arriving in Calais around 8am when thick smoke started billowing through the decks.

The ferry had left Dover with 337 passengers and 119 crew and scores of French police and firefighters helped them onto the shore. I bet that was so frightening. I dont know if we would have seen that from Dover. Its ony20 miles to France from here.

I dont think I would have been calm as this camera man.

I saw this on Loose women Lynda is overwhelmed by all the messages xx

They said on Facebook :-

Please share this touching message sent from Lynda during the show for both us and you, the viewer.
Lynda, we love you too. xx

 So sad that she has to suffer like this after giving so much to us on TV
Our darling OK Lady
Cancer is such a hideous disease thats that kills so many. It breaks up lives that have not been lived in full. So many plans and so much to do and say. Please hug your loved ones close and tell them you love them every day. Life is to short and very fragile.
ADAO went to town raising Awareness in the USA
Linda Reinstein wrote I’ve just arrived back at theAsbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) office after a weekend of powerful and emotional Mesothelioma Awareness Day events. I am so full of gratitude to everyone who spoke up to make the voices of asbestos victims heard, and to the organizers who put so much effort into making these events successful. In addition, many of you who could not attend an event united with us by joining theMesothelioma Warrior Virtual Team or by Taking a Pie in the face.  A very special thank-you toJordan Zevon, ADAO National Spokesperson, who has been by my side this past weekend, performing at Jammin’ for Asbestos Awareness in Omaha, NE on Friday evening, and then flying to Alton, IL for the Miles for Meso run on Saturday morning.
Mesothelioma Awareness Events ALL
Well done everyone.

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